Thursday, January 21, 2021



If you hadn't already seen it, then this is what our brochure looks like. As stated in my previous posts, we now have a dedicated email address so if you would like to donate any wedding items, then send an email with attached clear images of what you would like to gift.

At the moment, we are only able to ship within the U.S for thrifted items but for gifted items, we will send at no cost from our end although you may be required to pay for pick up/delivery depending on where you are located in Nigeria. More details on this to come as we are working to make sure we can ship out to my home country as soon as possible and to have a shorter delivery time all round.

This week, some thrifted items up for sale will include jewelry, blazers and jackets. Images should have already gone up on IG by the time you are reading this post so make certain that you check them out.

As per usual, we have styled these blazers/jackets with tops, dresses, pants and shoes that can be purchased together or separately. All prices are attached on our IG and again, you can send a DM to order.

Uploads on Instagram will now be on Thursdays and Saturdays, these could be thrifted items, gifted items or a mix of both. Don't forget to check out our "Coming Next" Highlights on IG for a sneak peek of items to come next and be the first to order if you see something you like.

Thanks again guys and never forget that God loves you excessively!

Excess Love,


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