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Most of us girls enjoy make up for the way it enhances our looks and the liberty it gives us to be creative with how we put colors together to influence our overall outfits from head to toe. Watching a ton of makeup creatives online, I have overtime finally learned how to apply makeup that suits my face using 5 major tips.

At first it was a struggle with knowing what products to buy and I was almost getting sucked into the idea that I needed specific high end brands if I wanted to achieve the looks I would love to create. Eventually, I came round to the truth which was that I could achieve any look with affordable drug store products just as easily as with their high end elders.

So here are the 5 tips I now use to create easy and flawless makeup that works for and flatters my features:

1. KNOW THE COLORS THAT FLATTER YOUR FACE: Every other day I was buying a new eyeshadow palette because I thought I needed them all to create versatile looks but it turns out that I do just fine with no more than 3-4 main palettes. The Morphe palettes are perfect because they have so many different shades, hues and tones I can play in and after receiving one as a gift from my makeup babe, Toyosi, I haven't looked back. It has all the colors I like to use and each one flatters my skin tone and eye shape to perfection.

2. KEEP IT SIMPLE: I never do dramatic looks save for when I am going for a smoky eye and only ever always like to keep it simple with a maximum of 3 colors. I do this because the blending process is easier for me and does not take up too much time. I used to do all the cut creases, glitter and shimmer looks before but now, keeping it simple is how I end up with the easy and flawless looks I create.

3. USE MAKEUP HACKS IF YOU ARE NOT A PRO: I have learned that I will probably never be a Layefa or Jackie Aina with makeup application so in order to come as close as I comfortably can to applying makeup like a pro, I use makeup hacks to my benefit. I have imperfect skin with discoloration and acne scarring so to combat this, I found a really cool hack I shared here that helps my foundation application come out oh so flawless. I use it all the time and have not had a need to color correct with concealers ever since. The tip is to use hacks that provide solutions to your particular skin/makeup challenge and for me its concealing all of my skin imperfections.

4. DEWY OR MATTE, MAKE IT LAST: One of the keys to achieving easy and flawless makeup is to follow the basic steps to creating whatever look you are going for. Setting powders, setting sprays and primers are designed for this purpose but going a step further with using tinted moisturizers, liquid illuminators and primers that are mattifying or hydrating make the difference between ending up with a dewy or matte makeup look. Once you identify what you are going for, use the products that will help you achieve that.

5. DON'T PACK ON THE PRODUCT: Irrespective of whether I am going for full coverage or not, I never pack on products to my face. All this does is clog my pores leading to breakouts and looking too unnatural. If I'm contouring, I only powder contour and I hardly ever use blushes or highlights because I don't think I need them. I prefer my makeup to look like it was easy to do rather than stressful with using several products I don't think really make a difference to my overall look.

Making up is fun and I enjoy playing in it especially now that there isn't much to do in terms of going out; but I wear it anyway, take lots of pics in my living room then wipe it all off. 

What tips do you use to create your makeup looks? Comment below and I'll talk to ya'll next week.


Foundations: Maybelline Full Coverage Foundation in 355 Coconut mixed with the Revolution Conceal & Define Foundation

Primer: L.A Girl Pro.Prep HD High Definition Primer

Moisturizer: GlamGlow Mega Illuminating Moisturizer

Setting Powder: Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

Lip Products: Profusion Sparkling Lip Topper, Forever 21 High Shine Lip Gloss, Absolute Lip Liner in  Cherry

Setting Spray: NK Perfection Setting Spray (Matte)

Eyeshadow Palette: Morphe Artistry Palette 35H Hot Spot

Excess Love,


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