Thursday, February 4, 2021



When God gave me the inspiration to start this venture, I definitely was petrified because as I mentioned in the very first post I made about it, me and entrepreneurship do not get along. I have tried unsuccessfully before to start several businesses so when it became clear that this was the direction God wanted me to go, I had no choice but to trust Him 100%.

 So with that in mind, I needed to understand why I was being led to do this. What was the vision? There are a thousand and one thrift stores both online and physically and certainly online stores that were collecting or buying wedding items from previous brides so why would this be any different? I turned to the One who gave me the idea in the first place and the difference would be to bring the knowledge of God's initial plan and purpose for marriage into new homes.

Marriage, as I am learning is about far more than just making babies, having a lifelong companion and being "couple goals", it is about standing against the agenda of the enemy who seeks to destroy the foundation of what God's original intent for this institution was. It is to "be fruitful, multiply and subdue the earth", moving as one united body to spread God's light and love through the individual and united gifts that man and wife share. In a certain sense, the world got it right by echoing the "build an empire" sentiment but in the building of that empire, let there be value added, solutions to problems discovered and influence made through your home to the rest of the world.

With the Vision understood, what would be the way we go about making sure it happens? How does the gifting of traditional wedding items from one bride to another ensure this? Back to the originator of the idea, the mission came about. Sometimes we fail to see how God moves in the simple but profound ways and one of these ways is found in the expression of a singular act of love from one who is already building her home (hopefully in the ways of the Lord) to another who is about to begin her own journey. Naturally, there is a blueprint for how exactly to go about this and that is what I'm working out everyday so please stay with me on the journey as God helps me bring it all to fruition.

There may or may not be any images on the IG page today because coming correct on this is important to me so I'm working behind the scenes to get things right but updates will always happen here every Thursday as per usual until something changes. 

Stay blessed and never forget that God loves you excessively!

Excess Love,


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