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Like I said in Thursday's post, Valentine's day will look a little (or a lot) different this year no thanks to the global pandemic currently ravaging the earth so with that in mind, I thought I would come up with some Valentine's day (natural) hair, makeup and jewelry inspo for those of us who will be spending our day indoors.

Whether you will be spending this day with a significant other or not, taking the time to look pretty to take pictures while you order in and get comfy in front of the TV, the following looks are sure to make you feel and look like your best self.

For the longest time, the signature color of love and valentine's has always been red. We slip on our sexiest red dress, red bottoms and red lip ready to hit the town and of course paint it RED but being that many of us will be indoors this year, I pulled out only a red lip to commemorate the day. It's bold, oozes confidence and accessorized with dainty silver jewelry, this is the look I imagine I would go with for a nice dinner in.

With my natural hair pulled up in a signature high bun, it allows the jewelry make its subtle yet sexy statement. My comfy sweater gives you a little shoulder effect that is equal parts casual and endearing. With this look, you are ready for dinner on the sofa, in front of the fireplace, cozy under your blanket and watching something romantic on TV.

Again, even if you are spending the day alone, I'm sure you will be snapping away on your phone ready to give all the social media loved up couples a run for their money 💓.

Only a few short years ago, pink started to replace red as the color of love for valentine's day. The sexy red dress was replaced by its bold pink cousin, the red bottoms took a back seat to the sexy pink stiletto and the famous red lip was overshadowed by the bubble gum pink newbie.

I put this look together with the idea of a valentine's day game night in with my girls or my boo. It s a fun and flirty look that still maintains its sex appeal. With my hair still pulled up away from my face and clipped with my heart shaped hair pins, I slipped on my faux prescription glasses that added the right amount of cheekiness to complete the whole look.

This is for sure another insta worthy look that is certain to generate likes and comments. So if you are thinking about making up for your day in but don't want to do too much, this look is for you.

The last and final hair, makeup and jewelry inspo for your valentine's day in was this similar but different look I created. Nothing goes better with a pop of pink or red like gold and that was the idea behind all the gold jewelry.

Rocking a large pair of gold hoops is a casual go to for me and so it was a no brainer that I would feature it in this post somewhere. Gold jewelry has a way of making you appear dressed up without actually being dressed up ya know plus its what all the minimal fashionistas are wearing with their outfits these days.

So whether you opt for the red lip and simple jewelry, the flirty pink princess look or the pink and gold combination for your valentine's day in look, do something nice for yourself and have a beautiful valentine's day in..💓💓💓💓💓💘💘💘

Excess Love,


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