Thursday, February 25, 2021



With many people still being skeptical about whether or not to take any of the available COVID-19 vaccines approved by the CDC, I went ahead and got the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine option.

The entire experience from start to finish must have taken all of 15 minutes ( 5 minutes to get the actual shot and a 10 minute wait afterwards to be certain there were no adverse reactions). Thankfully, I had/ have had none other than on-site pain where I received the shot but being just the first dose, I will need to return 21 days later to receive the 2nd dose which I imagine would go just as smoothly as the first. I'm also hoping that I will experience little to no side effects afterwards but will update you on how that goes.


Everything from start to finish was done from the inside of my car. Driving up to the venue, there are clear arrows telling you exactly where to go. A first stop is made to confirm electronically that you are on the list to receive the vaccine after which the next stop is where you get the shot from personnel (masked and gloved as was I) who then directs you to a waiting area for 10 minutes to be sure you have no serious side effects. Like I said, a swift 15 minute process.


After receiving the 1st vaccine dose, I was handed a document that ensured I would be able to get after care check-ins through a smartphone-based tool that uses text messaging and web surveys to provide personalized health checks for me. The importance of this is obviously to inform the CDC (Centers For Disease Control & Prevention) quickly if I experience any side effects after getting the vaccine hence making sure this vaccine is safe for further dispensation.

These check-in text messages are sent daily during the first week after getting the vaccine, then subsequently reducing to once a week for up to 5 weeks. The questions take only about 5 minutes or less to answer depending on any side effects you experience and you can opt out of receiving these messages at any time.

If you are one of those who are fearful of these vaccines being authentic and safe, I can certainly vouch that the Pfizer vaccine is. My entire family has been vaccinated and none of us have experienced any life threatening or serious side effects so please reconsider signing up to get one if you haven't already. It's a seamless process that can be completed from start to finish on your lunch break.

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