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You'd be surprised all the things you learn just by sitting down and scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram on a daily. So many makeup and beauty hacks, fashion hacks, home decor hacks and a hack for pretty much everything under the sun.

I've come across so many of them online but for today's post, I will share 6 random hacks I've learned in quarantine so if you hadn't already come across them yourself, here they are:

1. The Boiled Egg Hack:

This hack I actually learned from a friend who is in the catering business. Like most of us, she was having trouble achieving that perfectly peeled boiled egg without suffering all those annoying 'potholes' that end up peeling off most of the egg itself. She discovered that in order to achieve the perfect peel, adding some salt to the water as it boils along with the egg makes the difference. When the egg is boiled to your satisfaction, strain the hot water out, replace it with some cold water and leave to cool down. You should be able to peel off the shell with little to no problems afterwards. I do this all the time now and have even convinced my mom and sister to try it out. Now we all boil our eggs using this hack.

2. The Flawless Foundation Hack:

I found this hack on Pinterest of a girl who posted her flawless foundation application routine. Being someone who enjoys makeup, I gave it a try and I attest to the fact that it absolutely works. Her process went from applying a moisturizer- powder - setting spray - primer before finally applying her foundation. Typically I like to do my eyes before skin but now that I have discovered this hack, this is my process going forward and what I discovered was that even my eyeshadow pops more after trying things this way. Evidence below...

3. The Itchy Scalp Hack:

I tend to suffer from an itchy scalp and while googling home remedies I could try to ease my poor bruised head, I came across the above hack. Basically, you dilute some ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar) into warm water after shampooing and rinse your scalp with it. I like to go in with this twice after shampooing before conditioning and the truth is I experience some level of relief afterwards. My scalp is not as flaky or itchy and so I give this hack a 6 out of 10.

4. The T-Shirt Hack:

Now that I practically live in T-shirts and sweat pants, styling my tops differently was not anything I cared for until this hack popped up on my timeline. All that was involved to switch up my look was a rubber band and a cool 3 fold technique.

 Rather than merely tucking in the front portion of the shirt like we all mostly do, this method adds a fresh new approach to styling the basic Tee over jeans, skirts or pants.

5. The Double Shirt Hack:

This style hack was all over IG at one point in time with style bloggers showing us how to rock 2 shirts at the same time. Simply typing out "shirt hack" on the Explore Page of your IG should show you several videos of this hack to try out yourselves. 

6. The Shoe Hack:

I shared this hack on IG  a while back and it is really useful for when you want to expand that favorite pump a size or 2 more. Apply the level of heat you are comfortable with for 10 minutes around the shoe while wearing it with some socks. After 10 minutes, leave the shoes on for another 10-20 seconds and by the time you remove the socks and try them again, they ought to have expanded a size. Repeat the process to achieve more expansion till you are satisfied.

There you have it ladies and gents, the 6 random hacks I've learned in quarantine! I keep discovering new hacks everyday for my basic lifestyle needs and now someone just needs to come up with a quick hack for losing 10 pounds in 10 minutes. That's a hack I could use right about now 😁.

Excess Love,


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