Thursday, February 18, 2021



For days, it's been snowing and freezing non stop in Texas making it impossible to get anything done with a sane mind and that has included the business of Excess Love Thrifts & Gifts.

I would like to go into a full on rant about why this week has been especially challenging for me but I'd rather not because folks are out here legit trying to brace these freezing temperatures without heat/power, dealing with ridiculous queues at the stores because many believe the Armageddon is upon us while others are dying from fires, dangerous roads and carbon monoxide poisoning. So yeah, it's been that kind of week.

Therefore, we here at Excess Love Thrifts & Gifts have decided to temporarily suspend operations for a while to figure out all the moving parts to this endeavor while at the same time waiting out these horrendous weather conditions. We need to get brand new inventory while disposing of old stock, figure out our shipping within and outside the U.S, separate both aspects of the brand seamlessly among other things.

For those who have shopped thus far, we say thank you for your patronage and hope you come back on the journey with us when we do. It's not an easy feat being an entrepreneur and I know I will keep making mistakes and getting it wrong till I get it just right so please be patient with me as I work with God and others to figure it out.

Until we return, Thursday posts will now comprise lifestyle topics ranging from wellness and self care, style, decor to beauty and shopping. Stay tuned!

Excess Love,


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