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Wigs will always and forever be a modern girl's best friend for many reasons I am certain we all know and whether you are Team Human Hair or Team Synthetic Hair, I know we can all agree that wigs, just like makeup elevate a girl's overall look.

Without a doubt, human hair wigs are preferable because as the name implies they look like real human hair, making a woman's appearance a lot more natural. However, a lot of those wigs come with a hefty price tag and if you are like me, you know you can't afford them just yet so you get the next best thing, which is their more affordable synthetic cousin.

I am not a wig connoisseur by any means and do not know a lot about them in general but I do know that whether you can afford the human or synthetic option, there are factors to consider like grades, density, style and length. I personally enjoy a full curly wig the most and will demonstrate in this post 5 ways I love to style one of my favorite synthetic wigs.

This is my favorite Ombre curly synthetic wig and whenever I wear her, I love to play around with different styles. To achieve whatever look I'm going for, I typically only need a headband, a comb, my homemade oil/conditioner mix and a control spray for luster and shine.

Here is my Pulled To The Side look - This style makes my face appear fuller and the red/plum highlights of the wig offset my complexion quite nicely.

I wear this style in the colder seasons like the winter, fall and spring because it helps keep my head and ears warm which I like. Plus it is at a length that I am comfortable with because that means I get a lot less tangling with the hair. It is synthetic after all.

Here is the All Back look -  I wear this when I want something quick but flattering to my features at the same time. This particular wig has no parts in it and so I generally leave some of my own natural hair out while I cornrow the rest to give it a more natural appearance.

Sometimes I may lay out some baby hair aka edges when I have time but more often than not, this is how I wear the look to make it appear like my own hair from top to bottom ( Yeah, Right!)

Here is the Half Up, Half Down look - This is a popular look that a lot of girls like to do with their wigs and even braids for a different way to style their hair. I like this look because it gives me freedom to wear my signature large hoops or more statement earrings if I so desired without getting tangled in the hair.

Clearly this look brings out more of my playful side and actually reminds me of how they used to wear their hair back in the 90s. Almost all the video vixens in the popular music videos sported this style and now it has made its way back to us in 2021.

Here is The Top Bun or High Bun - When I'm not in the mood for hair on my face or just want that clean pulled back look, I go for a high bun. I like doing this look with curly hair especially because the bun does not have to look perfect. In fact, it's nicer when the bun looks  a little messy which is an actual look ladies deliberately go for with this type of hair.

You have to make sure your makeup is on point though when wearing your hair this way because if you have imperfect skin like I do, you want to conceal that as much as possible.

Finally and perhaps the most popular look is the Ponytail - The easiest and quickest way to style any hair is by putting it in a ponytail. It could be a high, mid or low pony, it really depends on your preference and which suits your facial features the best.

So there it is ladies and gents, the 5 ways I like to style my favorite synthetic wig. Which was your favorite and what ways do you like to style your hair, wigs or braids? Comment Below

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