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In my post last week, I shared that I had received the first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and how the entire experience went from start to finish. I also shared that everyone in my family had gotten vaccinated as well including my sister who has sickle cell disease.

Like me, she got the Pfizer vaccine but has had both her 1st and 2nd shots administered while I have yet to receive my 2nd dose. One would expect that with her pre-existing condition with sickle cell, some sort of tests would be carried out first to make certain that the vaccine was safe for her to take but there was nothing specifically done for that purpose. I have mentioned that she undergoes regular blood sampling and exchanges to combat her pain crisis and she had just undergone her exchange for the month before getting vaccinated the first time. There is a 21 day gap period between the first and second shots with the Pfizer vaccines and right after she got her 2nd shot, her blood was drawn immediately afterwards. Was there a direct link between getting the vaccines and the blood exchange/sample drawn? There was no information given to suggest or confirm it.


For the first shot, she only experienced on site pain (like I also did) with slight dizziness (which I did not experience) but did not last long according to her. However, after receiving the 2nd dose, she had the usual on site pain but with moderately severe body aches in the middle of the night even after taking pain meds. She was also getting text messages for after care check ins and so she was able to report her experience in the personalized survey. Thankfully, it was not cause for any alarm because the body aches subsided before the end of the next day.

I share her experience again to vouch for the safety of the Pfizer vaccines and recommend taking it if you are still skeptical about getting vaccinated. It is possible that different people may experience more serious side effects or none at all but either way, you get your daily check ins that keep an eye on how you are doing afterwards with recommendations to go in to see your physician if your symptoms are concerning.

Have you received any of the vaccines yet? What has been your experience? Is it similar to ours or different? Please share in the comments below.

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