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Not everyone appreciates or sees the value in a 2 piece set and sadly I used to be one of those people. I never saw it as an opportunity to get 2 items for the price of one but simply being forced to get an extra piece I did not really want. How dumb was I, ha!
Now that I realize what I've been missing this whole time, allow me introduce you to this pastel 2 piece from DD's Clothing here in Texas. It's the first co-ord set in this color I've ever bought intentionally. I have never owned anything like this so let me give you a few details about it:

- It's an obviously beautiful pastel pink color that's perfect for Spring
- The fabric is a soft and breathable bandeau type that does not cut off your blood circulation 
- It cost less than $15
- You can go a size up from your actual size if you prefer not to have a super snug look especially if you've got bumps and rolls like me.

Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get to the fun stuff with how I styled this 2 piece set, 6 ways in the hopes of giving you some outfit inspiration for your Spring fashion.

As a set, it's a beautiful 2 piece that was obviously meant to be paired together. I styled it with my nude pumps and very minimal jewelry because I wanted the outfit to stand out on its own. It's so flattering to my body type and I imagine it would look the same on any physique.

My afro style wig completed this look for me and this is exactly how I would style this outfit combination on a date with my significant other or even a potential new boo. Where would you wear this to? Comment below.

Pairing the skirt with a darker denim shirt brings a nice contrast to the pink because of course pink and blue go well together. I finished the look off with some blue pumps and switched my afro wig out for this chic bob wig with bangs.

Opting for a knot rather than a tucked in look allows for a more casual or easy feel to the look and this is the perfect outfit inspiration or outfit of the day for a brunch meeting. You can add a structured or mini bag as the perfect accent for that boss babe look we all like to go for.

Go super casual by pairing the skirt with a sweater in the same color family and some jordans. In my opinion, this is the classic running errands look that doesn't compromise on style. Any style sweater would pair well with this skirt so even a turtle neck, cowl or crew neck would give you the same put together casual style.

The key to the effortlessness of this look is to keep it simple with accessories. You can style the sweater differently by adding a belt, pulling up the sleeves for the added casual vibe since we are running errands and would likely grab a Starbucks coffee on the way.

Even more casual than a sweater is a cute graphic Tee and flats with the skirt. In my days of working as a personal assistant to comedians and entrepreneurs back in Nigeria, this was one of my go to looks. I knew I would be going back and forth on errands, accompanying the boss to meetings or even going in their stead so being comfortable with my workwear was key.

Back in Nigeria where the weather is hot and humid 90% of the time, if you were not working in a corporate office and your workwear was flexible wherever you worked, this was a popular look among ladies. If you haven't figured it out by now, this look is for the girl who cares about being comfortable with her style all day.

Switching from styling the skirt to styling the top, the very first style combination is with some mom jeans. I decided to pair the look with my black wedges for an elevated casual style. This is your outdoor concert look for day or night because you want to be comfortable but stylish at the same time.

If you prefer the skinny or boyfriend style jeans, go for it. That's the beauty with styling the top from a 2 piece like this. I am not a member of the flat tummy gang and so these jeans did a good job of hiding my mid section but with just enough peek-a-boo effect to still be cute.

Joggers make a strong case for being more than just athleisure wear for staying home clearly from this pairing. Isn't this every girl's go-to look today to do just about every and anything? Where can't you go wearing some jogger bottoms and converse sneakers really?

Run errands, go to brunch, on a date, church (they are super casual in the U.S with church clothes unlike Nigerians. We like to get DRESSED UP for God, Period!), events and more. If you want to dress things up, switch out the sneakers for some sexy stilettos, throw on a blazer or leather jacket and voila!

Would this style inspiration be complete if I did not pair the top with ankara? Nope it won't and so that's just what I did with this gorgeous midi ankara skirt I had in my closet. Again, I kept it casual with my white converse sneakers and simple jewelry.

I would wear this to an outdoor barbecue with friends and style it up a little further with a denim jacket and cross body bag for a strong style statement.

So there it is, my how to style a 2 piece set 6 ways. Of course, there are a lot more ways to style this set especially for the more minimal ladies or my bad and boujiee queens. Whatever your style taste or aesthetic is, this 2 piece is the perfect foundational piece to help you achieve it.

Which was your favorite look and which would you be re-creating this Spring? Comment and tag me on IG @ibogirlliving so we can inspire together. Till next time, stay gorgeous!!

Excess Love,


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