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I used to be one of those people that swore I could never wear this or like that in my 20s yet somehow in my 30s somewhere I began wearing and liking those very things and now being in my full blown 40s, I'm rocking them with pride and even a degree of shock.

Are you like me who has suddenly found yourself liking some of the things you thought you never would before? For me, its been everything from never tasting oats a day in my life to not hating them so much now or never understanding how women could go without relaxing their hair to being a happy natural hair girl. It has been crazy to see these transitions happen with a lot of things in my life for sure and especially with my tastes in fashion.

I've always had very specific ideas about how I knew I wanted items to look on me when I wore them so to even consider that I now like (or have begun to embrace) new styles and some old ones still trips me out today. So here's some items  I never imagined I would like in my 30s and 40s and tell me in the comments if you can relate at all:

1. False Lashes -  Falsies? Are you kidding me? They were never even a thought in my mind that I would ever like or attempt to wear these. The one time and only time I ever wore them was on my wedding day and even that was a struggle but look at me now... lashes with every other makeup look I create. Separate the fact that these can be frustrating to put on but I just didn't get the fascination with them until I reached my late 30s and thought, you know what? let's give them a go and if I still don't like them then I don't have to wear them again.

Clearly, they elevate every look and somehow manage to be such an integral part of makeup that these days if I don't have them on, I feel like I look weird! It's trippy!!

2. The Bucket Bag & Mini Bag - If the bag was not big enough to fit everything and my kitchen sink, I was not interested in it. Who thought a bag shaped like a bucket would be a good idea and furthermore what girls would even buy it? 🙋 Me, I did! Add that to I thought the mini bag was a waste of time because what's going to fit in it any way and why do I want to turn a wallet to a bag? Well, I must have figured out the answer because here I am with bucket bags and mini bags taking over my collection.

3. Hats - I never liked the idea of wearing hats because I believed they made my already big head look bigger. I would only ever entertain a baseball cap and nothing else but now, I quite like the quirkiness and personality that hats bring to my look.

I may even go as far as saying that I really like hats now and I'm gradually building a nice little collection of them in various colors. My head is still big but that's not the fault of the hats, we can blame my dad for that one!😛

4. Gold Jewelry - For as long as I can recall, I've been a silver jewelry girl. You could not convince me that gold jewelry was not something our moms and church aunties wore and for that reason, I refused to buy anything other than sterling silver or white gold (if it had to be gold at all). 

Fast forward to late 30s early 40s and that mom and church aunty jewelry is my go to when I'm getting dressed up. Gold jewelry is flattering on every skin tone which is why it is so loved by the minimal style girls and so I get it now.

5. The Mom Jeans (or ANY Jeans that did not get to my ankles) - You would have never been able to catch me dead in skinny jeans that did not go straight to my ankles or jeans that flared well below it. I would often think to myself so it was a real thing that wearing jeans your mom wears is considered cool and fashionable? It took me a long time to join this train and as you can see, I haven't even worn these yet because I'm still trying to sell myself on the idea that these wouldn't look completely ridiculous on me.

There's so many items and things I still don't like today, for example, mules, kitten heels and that tiny ass bag girls be carrying around that can't even hold a credit card but there are more items I never imagined I would like in my 30s and 40s like pastel colors, baggy clothes and seasoning my fried eggs with ginger and garlic.

Any items you have been shocked to learn that you now like in your 30s and 40s? How and when did we get here exactly? Comment Below

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