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Every family has that one member that is considered the "fashionista" of the bunch. He/She is the one that is frequently sought for their style tips and fashion advice and in my family, I occupy said role with pride. LOL!

Having said that, I decided to try my hands on actually styling a thrifted blazer on my sister for today's post. With this year's frosty winter coming to an end, Spring is the perfect season in my opinion to pull out the blazers, jackets and light cardigans so by styling this thrifted piece from the Excess Love Thrifts & Gifts collection, you have enough #ootd and #ootdinspiration for your own personal style.

1. Work Chic -  A plaid blazer on a pair of black pants and flats is such an elegant work chic look for the office culture that is flexible with its workwear attire. A cigarette pant, casual tee and comfy flats is a combination that is flattering on any and every body type.

Everyone is familiar with the "closet staples or basics" but in my opinion, there should be what I call "closet basic combos" that will be every fashionable girl's go-to for any occasion or event. The work chic look is one of such combinations and can be accessorized based on preference with a belt and bag in whatever style you can comfortably wear to the office.

2.  Shopper Chic - Obviously I'm just making up these combinations but I like them, lol. Another way to style a thrifted blazer is over a pair of shorts and ankle booties to run around the mall, store hopping. I see girls all the time rock this combo and they look really cool and edgy. Many of them wear studded boots or combat boots and a waist bag belt to accentuate the waist area and I love it every time I see it.

3. The Classic Pairing - Is it even a look if you don't pair your thrifted blazer with jeans? Dark or light, blue or black, skinny or boyfriend, mom or distressed, it really doesn't matter the style of jeans. They all look good with a blazer and is considered the all time classic pairing. Like I styled in this look, the blazer can be draped over the shoulders for an easy brunch day with friends or co-workers for casual fridays.

The hallmark of any good blazer is to have some structure to it and for me it could mean a sturdy shoulder pad or representative in the detailing. I especially like this Excess Love thrifted blazer because it works for a corporate and not so corporate work environment. It is such a versatile piece that can be styled just as shown above but also with dresses, slip skirts, flared pants and so on.

Styling can also be versatile because you can roll up the sleeves, pop the collar up, accessorize with brooches or pins and wear them with tank tops, T-shirts and work shirts. Each style is appealing, flattering and stylish.

I hope you got some style inspiration on wearing blazers and will be back in another week or two with another "How To Style" Excess Love Thrifts & Gifts piece.

Have a great weekend ya'll!

Excess Love,


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