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In today's fast paced world where we only have time for 15 second sound bites and 1 minute video reels, the art of reading has long become extinct. Nobody "has" the time to read anything anymore; not newspapers, not books and now not blogs. Many influencers today who started out blogging have abandoned the platform for the more instant Instagram or YouTube alternatives.

Where reading will give you roots into your own thoughts, we are instead content to walk away with clichés rather than with wisdom. Why should you keep reading blogs when you can watch a short video or read an even shorter text under a picture that you won't remember after you scroll past it? Keep reading....

1. Quite like reading books, reading blogs allow you hear the writer think and therefore cause you to also think about things in your life that may have some relevance to what the blog article is about . In some cases however, your thoughts may not even have any relation to what you have read, the point is that reading allows you engage your mind in profound ways that pictures, quotes and second long images could never provide.

2. Reading blogs very often means you have to sit in quiet for the duration of time it takes to get through the post. Many people are afraid of the quiet because we have become so accustomed to the noise and busyness of the world around us. A blog post is not as long as a book so stopping for a while to ponder (and take notes) on something you just read is a priceless gift that we miss because of the fear of being still.

3. Reading blogs can inspire, motivate and may answer questions you are curious about. A post article could give you the right amount of clarity and push needed to take action on something or you may simply find relatability with a similar struggle that the writer is expressing overcoming and providing you with information on what they did to get through it.

4. The human element is a good reason why you should keep reading blogs even in 2021. It's comforting to know that behind the words is a person sharing that they go through the same challenges, fears and struggles you do. 

Granted that not everyone is gifted with the ability to communicate through writing, others may effectively reach you through images or videos which is absolutely fine. The point I'm trying to make is that we should not completely abandon reading blogs or articles for the more instant gratification that other social platforms provide. With the way 2020 turned out, we know now that anything can happen and within the twinkle of an eye, blogs could turn out to be one of the few ways we get our information, entertainment or advise.

If you have stopped reading blogs, why did you do so and what other platform has taken the place of blogs for you? Comment Below and see you again next week!!😘

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