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I could have never possibly imagined that there would be so many interpretations to the bible verse of Genesis 1: 26-28 until I started yielding my eyes, ears and heart to the Holy Spirit with help from dear lady ann's video and her recent teaching which is the inspiration for today's post, and which I strongly encourage everyone to watch in your spare time. It's a 3 day teaching and prayer session that you are sure to be blessed by.

I think that the very first thing we ought to know as Christians trying to reflect the nature of God and His Kingdom on earth is that the culture of God's kingdom has to be infused into man before he can infuse the same to the world. Every man has 3 sets of eyes and ears which include:

1. The Physical Eyes/Ears

2. The Spiritual Eyes/Ears

3. The Eyes/Ears of our understanding

These are given to man for the purpose of receiving Information, Power and Graces from the Father for leverage here on earth. Leverage in this sense means using the information, power and graces received to make the right decisions, avert dangerous situations, make appropriate plans etc for whatever you may be going through. Gaining this kind of leverage does not happen without spending time with the Father and getting to know Him. We often forget that our relationship with God is like any other human one that is important; it requires time spent getting to understand the person of God, who He is and what He is about. We get to know God by spending time in prayer, studying His word, fasting and worshipping Him through our obedience and belief that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly all that we can ever ask or imagine.

BELIEF in God is a very important factor to receiving spiritual eyes that see, spiritual ears that hear and a heart that can discern what God wants to share with us. Unbelief limits God (Psalm 78: 41) and this is the ultimate agenda of Satan who wants to present us with lies in the place of our belief. This he does through false mindsets and it is also why in the Lady Ann teaching, she says to "be conscious of the information that accesses you because your beliefs attract the spirits that sponsor the results in your life". When these lies of the enemy gain full access to our minds, they become strongholds and arguments (see 2 Corinthians 10:1-5) that become difficult to shake. What are some strongholds or arguments we wrestle with today? Doubt, Pride, Self Condemnation, Lies, Lust and even things like the need to always be right and being judgmental of others or ourselves. These strongholds are inexhaustive so we all need to pay attention to the things we struggle with in our lives and ask for God's grace to overcome them.

How does God then communicate to our spiritual eyes and ears? Through dreams and visions, His audible and inaudible voice or even just a knowing you have (we often refer to this as a gut feeling)in your spirit. Again, I urge everyone to watch the linked video above for in-depth teaching on these.

A discerning heart is important to identify times and seasons and is something that every Christian should have just like spiritual eyes and ears. The biblical definition of Discernment is to differentiate between good and evil and in order to accurately define that which is good as Christians, we again first need to understand what God sees or determines as good. Genesis 1 is well known as the story of creation but more than that, it paints a clear picture of what God sees as good after looking upon the earth and saw it as void, without form and filled with darkness. The introduction of LIGHT, STRUCTURE, ORGANIZATION AND FRUITFULNESS made the earth GOOD because these are dimensions of God reflected.

A discerning heart allows us access to knowing what the will of God is for us and what He says about certain desires that we have. Committing these desires to God gives Him access to influence the situation which will be followed by His joy, peace and righteousness over them.

As followers of Christ, it is vital to be mindful of what we allow access to our souls through our eyes, ears and give permission to rest in our hearts. The Father knew how important this was which is why He says to "guard your hearts with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life" Prov 4:23. Anything that is communicated through your dreams or visions, always double check it in the scriptures because even our dreams can be manipulated by the enemy. Remember also that Satan was an angel so he knows scripture and will manipulate that as well. Your personal relationship with God, the level of nurture and care you give to it will make the difference between knowing whether what you heard, saw or felt was of God. May the Lord give us seeing eyes, hearing ears and discerning hearts everyday of our lives. AMEN!

Excess Love,


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