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Pride is like carbon monoxide! You can't see it but if it gets into your system and stays in there long enough, it can kill you. Pride is the very thing that separates us from God (James 4: 6) because it is the deadbolt that blocks our access to the Him. Pride is or could be your response to the CRAP of this world!

Life is filled with situations that will test your resolve at every turn and it is during these tests of life that God wants to see what your responses will be. Now you may be wondering what CRAP I'm referencing when I use the term and I will share that in a bit but more important is that you and I ask ourselves the question, are we battling with the spirit of pride in our own lives? You may be quick to respond in the negative to that but let's dive into the CRAP I mean and then see if we indeed struggle with this sin. C.R.A.P is an acronym for if pride is how we respond to the following:

1. How do you respond to CRITICISM? - If your immediate response to another's observation of you, your actions, attitude or speech is in the negative, then pride is a stronghold in your life. It can be certainly difficult not to respond in the defensive if the one who is doing the critiquing is doing so in an uncomplimentary tone or if the criticism is not positive but our duty as followers of Christ is to be like him in all circumstances. 

2. How do you respond to REJECTION? - Many of us, myself included are guilty of pridefully dismissing someone who we hear does not care for us in a manner that suggests that we do not care for them either. Or as women and even men, going off on a guy/girl by finding fault with any and everything about him/her because he/she rejected us. Making such statements like "he/she was not even cute to begin with" or " I was just trying to give him/her a chance, he's/she's not even really my type". These are prideful responses to rejection and many if not all of us are guilty of it.

3. How do you respond to ADVISE? - Have you ever been on the receiving end of some advise you did not think you needed or even ask for? How did you respond to it? If you have ever made statements like "well, I didn't ask for your advise" or " keep your unsolicited advise to yourself", then pride is definitely a stronghold you  need to ask the Lord to help you break over your life. I am on this table myself!!

4. How do you respond to PRAISE? -  Pride in this instance could resemble arrogance in that you allow compliments go to your head. In today's world I know we are encouraged to "normalize" receiving praise and accolades which is not a bad thing in and of itself but when we fail to humbly accept such praises and move on or acknowledge God's grace but prefer to rub it in the faces of others so to speak, then pride is an issue in this case and it needs to be checked at the feet of Christ.

Pride is indeed a silent killer just like my earlier comparison with the carbon-monoxide gas and many of us do not know or even accept that we struggle with it in some way because PRIDE HIDES and until we address it, we will continually be separated from God because He hates a prideful heart ( see Proverbs 6: 16-17). 

For more insight and extended teaching on this topic, please watch this YOUTUBE VIDEO by Elevation Church and I know it will bless you the same way it did me.

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