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I don't know about you guys but Spring is the one season where I look forward to wearing makeup the most because the air feels fresh, the colors are bright and beautiful and I want to be a part of all that vibrant energy.

For Spring Makeup Inspiration, I look everywhere from Pinterest to Instagram to see what the experts are doing and how the girls are interpreting it and come up with what works for me. I realized long ago that the colors that best suit my features and skin tone are pinks, blues and nudes which is what I will be showing you in today's post in the hopes that you get some inspiration for your own spring makeup.

Lately I've been pairing my lip glosses with black lip liner in homage to the 90s when it was popular and all the rage. If you follow me on IG, then you would have seen some of these looks but I will be sharing them here as well. I still use a lot of drugstore products so keep that in mind when creating your own looks. They work just as good as the high end elders but by all means, use whatever you've got in your collection.

I created this soft pink look because as I said, pink is one color that looks the most flattering on my skin tone. I accessorized with different hues and shades of pink with my earrings, scarf and wrist watch then balanced the look out with my denim shirt.

One thing I've learned is that clothes really enhance makeup and so I am mindful of my pairings when I'm styling an overall look. I go easy on accessories (or at least I try to) when I do not want to overpower my makeup so that the focus is my face alone.

How I style my hair is also a factor when creating spring makeup looks because it can really pull a look together. For this look, I chose to wrap my natural hair in an ankara scarf while attempting to lay my edges down and I think I did a pretty decent job with it.

My second favorite color for spring makeup is blue which is why I went for a light smoky eye using different light and dark tones of the color. I like big hair because it frames my face and I use little to no jewelry when I wear this style of hair.

Again, I was mindful of my outfit and chose a darker denim shirt to complement my makeup. My black liner and gloss combo is not as strong with this look like the first one because it's always about balance when doing makeup looks for any season or event.

This is just a bonus look I styled by switching up my hair and adding some earrings to show the versatility of this makeup. Where I would wear the previous look out on a date, this would be more suitable for perhaps a work meeting. A bob wig with bangs in my opinion is a power look that screams confidence and assuredness. 

I hope you got a bit of makeup inspo for your Spring outings if you have started going places now that a lot has opened back up. In the meantime, here's wishing everyone a prosperous new month, a very happy Easter and a productive week ahead.

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