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When putting looks together for this post, it became very obvious very quickly that this is not a trend or style that I'm into just by how difficult it was for me to find things in my closet to style.

However, I was able to manage 3 looks for you today that I'm sure you can recreate with items in your own closet if this is not your signature style either. Who would have thought that in 2021, oversized clothes would be trendy? Anyway, without further ado, here's the first of the 3 looks I came up with in my attempt at trying out the oversized trend that you can also try yourself.

When going through what I had in my collection to throw together for this trend, I remembered that I had bought a co-ord set from Shein a few years ago that was quite baggy. So I pulled out the pants, threw on this men's thrifted white shirt and my leather jacket over that to complete the look.

My initial thought was that the oversized nature of the clothes only made a big girl like me look bigger but upon further consideration, I decided that I didn't mind the look at all because the clothes seemed to sit well on my big frame which is the idea behind this trend. Am I wrong?

Wedges, big hair and a black mini bag completes this look for me. Where would I wear this to? Usually I wouldn't have to think long to give you an answer but perhaps as a first date outfit to dinner? You tell me in the comments, where would you wear this look?

Of the 3 looks I could muster, this may well be my favorite because its in my absolute favorite color. I actually picked up this George shirt from the men's section at Walmart and it was this look I had in mind when I bought it. The idea was to recreate my version of the look in the intro image of this blog post.

I was initially going to style the white shirt like she did in her look but thought an all blue affair would be more fitting for me. I love that the hat complements the all blue look and the purse adds a nice fun twist. This outfit, I would wear to Sunday brunch after church.

Most girls who I see wear this trend well usually don't do a lot with jewelry. It's mostly a single link necklace or layered necklaces, some pretty gold rings and maybe hoop earrings but otherwise, that's it.

For my last look, I wanted something casual that I could walk round the mall in or run errands in and so I put together this 2XL thrifted plaid shirt with some distressed boyfriend jeans and sneakers to match. For added effect, I threw across my shoulder my sequined waist bag only because that's how people are styling it these days right? Clearly, I don't know very much about this trend if I'm asking all these questions! Ha ha!!

I did a little Google search on how to wear the oversized trend and what stuck out the most was balance and structure. Being that this style can be overwhelming due to its baggy nature, picking out pieces that are designed for your body type flatter you more rather than wearing things that just hang off your body. The article I found also encourages showing a hint of skin to balance out the shapeless look oversized clothes can tend to give the frame. So I suppose that's what I was attempting to do in these images.

Overall, is the oversized trend one that I would incorporate into my style aesthetic? Possibly, but cautiously and sparingly. It did however serve as some good style inspiration for me to try out this Spring season.

What did you think of my attempts? Is the oversized trend one that you partake in? What else do I need to know about this trend? Share in the comments below and see you next weekend with another style post/review.

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