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Pastor Mike Todd Of Transformation Church really broke down this topic so effortlessly and clearly during Sunday Service 2 weeks ago and I believe it was worth sharing here today.

If you would like to hear the full message yourself, please see here. I actually encourage that you do watch the video because not only does Pastor Todd use illustrations and visual representations to drive the point of the message home in a way that I'm sure you will appreciate and be blessed by but also because this is a 7 week teaching that promises to expose us to why upgrading our Christian experience through releasing the Holy Spirit is so necessary.

A lot of us grew up as Christians, recognizing God as our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as our Savior. The person of the Holy Spirit was often neglected thus depriving us of taking full advantage of Him and what He means to our walk as Christians. The Holy Spirit is not just a POWER, He is not just a PRESENCE but He is also a PERSON and that means we can talk to Him just like we do with our friends and family.

Pastor Todd does an excellent job with identifying the Trinity of God through His names, titles, functions, status' and locations and by the end, you really do understand that releasing the person of the Holy Spirit is indeed the upgrade to our faith walk as believers.





















The Holy Spirit is our Helper and Comforter (John 14:16-18) who Jesus promised to send when He was returning to be Seated with the Father in heaven so we would not be without the 3rd dimension of Him (God) here on earth. He is active and walking with us daily (as long as we invite Him into our lives) to help us through our individual struggles, relationships, businesses, etc. 

Something I learned from this teaching that I thought was incredibly profound is that while we must recognize God and receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior, we must release the Holy Spirit because God the Father and God the Son have both played their parts for man. How you may ask? Well, God set aside 7 days for creation and going by the above chart He is now set apart and seated in heaven. Next on the scene was Jesus Christ, who started His ministry by the age of 30 and spent the next 3 years on earth doing signs and wonders, teaching and spreading the message of the Kingdom of heaven. His death and resurrection signified the end of His work on earth (on the cross, He even declares that IT IS FINISHED) and now He is also in Heaven, seated at the right hand of the Father. Before Jesus left, He sent us the Helper aka The Holy Spirit who is still active here with us today. SO, when we pray for God the Father to help us through situations or heal us or show us what decisions or moves to make, it is God the Holy Spirit who shows up on the scene. Again, you have to watch the YouTube video to fully appreciate this message and follow through with the 7 week teaching to get fully enlightened. But not to be caught off guard, Pastor Mike is extremely passionate and animated when he preaches, so much so that sometimes you can feel like he's yelling at you but I promise that you will always receive the message loud and clear. Emphasis on LOUD😊.

The point is that the Holy Spirit is essential to us because He is our help. We can do nothing without Him. Invite Him into your day and life at every moment and allow Him lead you through because HE IS OUR UPGRADE and access to the dimensions of God that we all require for life and its troubles.

I will be taking my usual month long break from the blog but my Thursday posts will continue. I will take next week off so there will be no post on Thursday but will be back in 2 weeks to continue to bring you these Transformation series posts. Weekend lifestyle posts and Sickle Cell posts will be back in June. 

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