Thursday, May 27, 2021



I've been doing this thing each month now where I ask God to give me a word that allows Him reveal Himself to me in any way He knows I need to experience growth, change and His love for me.

I am aware that many people only ask for a word for the year which I just started doing in 2021 but took mine a step further by asking for a word for every month. My word for the year was 'LISTEN' while for this month of May it was 'PREPARE/BE PREPARED' and I can say that a lot of the growth I've been experiencing this year spiritually has been directly linked to these words God has given me. One major thing the Holy Spirit has been helping me see is how God has been answering my prayers particularly when His answers have not been in the ways I expect. In the past, when I would ask for something, if God did not give me the exact thing I wanted in the way that I expected to receive it, I concluded that I did not receive my request and that messed with my faith a lot. It's different now!

In January, God gave me the word LOVE and I thought that it meant He was going to bring the love of a man into my life until just recently when I looked back and realized that He was reconnecting me to HIS love for me. The enemy had convinced me somehow that He didn't love me anymore because of past sins that I had repented from and so I needed to be reminded that God's love for me is pure, constant and unwavering. So I want to ask you guys, do you have your word for the year? Have you allowed the Holy Spirit help you see how Your Father is and has been coming through for you or are you walking around certain that He has forsaken you?

Many of us, myself included, usually would opt for a Vision Board at the start of every year as a way of manifesting goals which is not a bad thing but I now much rather a word from The Almighty that would steer me more accurately. One word from God could mean so many things throughout the course of the year and that is what I want to experience in my life moving forward. The world has become such a volatile and unstable place that I do not want to make any moves without the leading of the Holy Spirit and that's what hearing from God does for me. That even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil because He is with me.

So if you do not have your word for the year, my question is why not? The drive, will and determination with which we go after monthly goals all comes from God. Without Him, we can literally do nothing so why won't you seek His face for each month to guide and lead you? My advise is to invite Him into every new month and I recommend following Dear Lady Ann on YouTube for guidance on how to do this with prayers and fasts. Being a Christian or follower of Christ does not mean you are a perfect person but a progressing one and a guiding word for the each month and the year is a step towards getting closer to God and working out our salvation in Him.

Excess Love,


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