Thursday, June 10, 2021



Did you know that 'Jealousy is the trophy mediocrity gives to excellence?' I heard that earlier this week and just thought to share it with you because it's important that many of us know this so we can know peace.

In the New Testament, the bible talks a lot about the Pharisees and how they were always quick to want to find fault with and judge Jesus because He was not following the laws and doing signs and wonders on the "Sabbath Day", obviously ignoring the hurt and brokenness of the people they were supposed to shepherd over. They were more eager to find fault with Christ because they were jealous of His popularity and purpose than realize how many were in need of healing and restoration. Today, many of us act exactly like these "Pharisees" who are quick to point fingers and judge others because we consider ourselves more righteous than they. It's clear that Christ came to bring restoration to the broken, hence His association with them. We as the church have become so hardened in our hearts that we have lost compassion for the struggles and pain of others.

Like Pastor Robert Madu said in his teaching on Sunday at Elevation Church, Jesus Christ almost certainly wanted to offer these Pharisees the same restoration that He offered to the blind, the sick and the tortured men and women of the Bible but their hearts were so consumed with jealousy and hate of Him that they failed to recognize and receive it.

Are you like the self righteous Pharisees who were quick to find fault and point fingers, believing themselves to be holier than others? You know you are one when you are loud about certain things but quiet about others and it's important that you know this so you can know peace, submitting yourselves to the restoration power of Christ. Holiness does not come as a result of anything that we do but by the transforming power of the Spirit of God working in our hearts to change it so long as we are yielded. It's a lot easier to identify others as the "haters" when more often than not, we may very well be the ones showing signs of jealousy and fault finding. The good news is that Christ came for you as well but the first step is to recognize this flaw then call on Jesus to deliver you just like Blind Bartimaeus in Mark 10: 46 -52 , the Man healed of leprosy in Matthew 8: 1-3 and many others in the Bible.

We are all flawed as humans, man's first sin in the garden of Eden made sure of that but that's what the grace of God is for which we have access to as His children. Sin is not just fornication, adultery and stealing - these are what I like to call OBVIOUS SINS but sin can also be self righteous behavior, a lack of compassion and unbelief. I pray that we all would recognize in what areas we are flawed and require the help of the Holy Spirit so He can render it to us.

Excess Love,


N.B - I had planned to return fully to my blogging schedule this month but  I am unfortunately unable to at this time. There's currently a lot going on around me that requires all of my attention and so for that reason, I hopefully will be able to announce my new return at a later time.

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