Thursday, July 15, 2021



A lot of the time, we tend to see ourselves from the skewed or distorted lens of our mistakes, sins or weaknesses. We do not believe that we are worthy of much based on how our lives may or may not have turned out and judge ourselves harshly as a result; but God wants us to start seeing ourselves the way He sees us. To Him we are called, worthy, chosen, loved and gifted (See John 15:16).

It's one thing not to believe in ourselves but its a completely different ball game when others don't and we allow them speak their short sighted perceptions of us into our lives. We let them judge us by everything they think is a disadvantage like our size, education, age or even background. A typical biblical character is David who was believed to be too small to kill Goliath and the same was spoken to him by Saul - 1 Samuel 17: 33. David did not see himself as Saul saw him but as God did and was confident in his God given abilities to kill Goliath who came out daily to taunt the armies of Israel - 1 Samuel 17: 34-37.

It can be a ridiculous reality indeed to see ourselves the way God sees us because we have made agreements with the voice of the enemy who tells us we are unworthy, incapable and weak because we struggle with addictions or anxieties and fears. God wants us to give Him our thoughts way before they become big problems we can't get free from. You may have a Saul in your life that tries to convince you that you are unskilled or untalented but before you make premature agreements with the enemy, give those thoughts to God and the Bible says that 'the peace of God which passes all understanding will guide your hearts and mind in Christ Jesus' - Philippians 4: 7.

I've been reading 'The Power Of Praise & Worship' by Myles Munroe and in it he says that man is a "malfunctioning saint" by virtue of the fact that he is trying to operate and function in the wrong environment, aka earth. The Garden Of Eden was God's ideal environment for man but after The Fall to sin, we had to transition to the earth where we require God's presence and power to help us navigate all of the attacks of the enemy who keeps roaming around seeking whom he may devour.

Despite our disobedience and separation from God in the garden, God loved us still and devised a plan to reconcile us back to Himself by sending His only begotten Son and our Savior, Jesus Christ to pay the ultimate price for that sin. To Him, we are His beloved who He wants to constantly commune with and pour out His blessings and favor on but for us to receive these and other dimensions of Him, we must see ourselves the way He sees us. Continued and consistent praise, prayer, fellowship and worship with and of Him will release His peace, power and presence.

This week and every day thereafter, my prayer is that I start to see myself through the eyes of My Father and refuse the lies of the enemy. I notice that when the enemy can't get me to believe his lies one way, he always will try another tactic or mode of attack. Let's remain watchful and prayerful so we do not unknowingly fall victim to any of the enemy's tricks and deceptions.

Excess Love,


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