Tuesday, August 10, 2021



Hey Friends, Long time no blog post!! I'm sorry that my break took longer than I planned. All I can say is that life was happening and I'm sure you know how that goes but having said that, I'm back and hopefully better for ya'll.

I hope Summer has been good to everyone and we've all enjoyed being outdoors again after what seemed like an eternity indoors and away from other humans.😊 I also hope that we are loving the new face of the blog? It was definitely something I wanted to do before officially coming back to this space. So shout out to the team at Designer Blogs for a seamless and stress free transition. 

Next week I will have the sickle cell post up for you guys but uploads for Thursdays and Saturdays will resume this week. I hope you enjoy all of the fresh content coming your way and massive thanks for continuing to come back to the blog to read whatever it is I've written here. I'm also thankful that you all seem to enjoy reading my faith based posts. I'm so glad that the hunger for God and His word is something you have created time and space for and that you have allowed me/this platform be one of the places you go to experience His love, mercy and grace for you. I will be rotating these posts with some lifestyle content every other week so look out for that.

Very possibly I may have a mini life update for you but we'll see and will also hopefully share what the plan/direction is for Excess Love Thrifts & Gifts is in the coming weeks ( No, I didn't forget!! Ha!). I wanted to start off by officially welcoming you all back to IBOGIRLLIVING.COM and to let you all know that I'm back to ride out the rest of 2021 with you.💓💋 See you back here on Thursday!

Excess Love,


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