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Now that I've pretty much left my comfort zone (I blogged about moving in my last post. See here for all the details), it is more important than ever for me to stay in a good space mentally and spiritually. When the high of being in a new environment finally wears off and you settle into a brand new and virtually foreign lifestyle, your mental and spiritual health needs to be at its premium.

I have been prioritizing these two things more intentionally because for me to thrive in my new locale, anything less will absolutely not do. I have my own personal history with depression from years ago and one of the triggers was having to move to a different place. Thankfully, God has through His light and love exposed the lies that the enemy has often used to keep me bound and broken so I have not struggled with depression since. But understanding that if I do not take care of myself mentally and let God take care of me spiritually, I will be headed back down that road speedily. So how am I staying in a mentally and spiritually good space? What am I doing to guard this God given peace and joy that I feel on a daily basis? Keep reading...

The No 1 thing I do is to start my mornings with God. This right here is non negotiable for me and until I have my 1-2 hour quiet time with my Father every morning, I refuse to do anything else. I have my morning routine set which I will share in coming weeks but first for me is God and everything else comes second. I did my research and have found that the reason I'm so at peace and have this inexplicable joy within is because I spend time in the presence of my Creator, loving on Him and letting Him love on me. This time includes everything from praising and worshipping, saying my daily declarations, studying His word to journaling and setting my priorities for the day.

My morning routine is also a big part of how I'm staying in a mentally and spiritually good space. It's not a huge deal but for me it's necessary to stay in a good head-heart space. Having my simple to do list each morning keeps me focused on being productive well into the afternoon which I leave flexible to accommodate anything else the day needs me to do. So if I need to cook, create content, write or read a chapter in a book, I know I'm keeping my mind active and my spirit connected to its source.

 Finally, staying in a mentally and spiritually good space for me also involves trying right now to decorate and fill where I am with things and colors that I love and that bring me joy. I have quite a ways to go as you can imagine but I'm enjoying the process thoroughly. In my previous space, I was constantly moving things around, buying this or that from the store and bugging my brother-in-law to build me something because I genuinely enjoy the home decor process. It's the one thing I resorted to to keep my mind and spirit steady before reconnecting with my faith in the way that I now have.

Some other things I do include watching my favorite TV shows and creators on YouTube and enjoying my Nigerian music on the loudest volume. Everything I've mentioned here truly brings me such happiness that I'm unwilling to jeopardize them in any way.

How do you stay in a mentally and/or spiritually good space? Have you ever struggled with depression or anxiety in the past? What are you doing to ensure that yo stay above them? Share in the comments and I'll see ya'll on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend Everyone!!

Excess Love,


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