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It's funny how being in a new space has changed quite a bit of how I do things especially my morning routine. This used to be quite chaotic before in that I had very little consistency with what I did and although I tried to keep a steady routine going, it was difficult on most days to stay consistent with what I wanted to do and with the timeline I set.

That's all changed and it's one of the many things I'm happy is now structured and consistent. I'm one of those people who doesn't do well in chaotic environments or situations. I need a routine and I require structure. In fact I have a to do list for my to do list and if I don't tick things off that list each day, it's a problem. I'm dramatic I know!! Anyway, if you know me then you know that the word MINIMAL is not one I identify with; not with the way I like to dress or the way I like to decorate but when it comes to my morning routine (and maybe a few other things), I find that less is more for me. I enjoy watching these types of YouTube videos from my favorite content creators so I thought it might be nice to capture my new minimalist morning routine via a blog post. Enjoy!

1. Wake Up - Naturally, there can't be a morning routine if I don't wake up first right? I'm usually awake by 8.30am and the first thing I do before getting out from under the covers is to listen to the morning prayer on my PRAY.COM app. Then I get out from underneath the covers and drink what's left of the bottle of water I always keep beside my bed each night.

2. Make Myself A Cup Of Hot Tea or Cold Coffee - At this point I'm addicted to drinking green tea or having an iced coffee and that's usually the very next thing I do in my morning routine. If there's some fruit in the fridge, I fix myself a mixed plate of grapes and sliced bananas or I make myself a parfait. It really just depends on what I'm feeling that day and what's available.

3. Quiet Time -  Next on the list of my new minimal morning routine is to settle down and spend time with the Lord. I remember saying in my last post that this is a non negotiable time for me and I refuse to do anything until I've spent at least 1 hour reading my bible, journaling, listening to praise and worship songs, praying and writing my to do list. Some days, I go 2 hours with my quiet time, it's really dependent on how the Holy Spirit wants to move that morning.

4. Check Social Media - I used to be one of those people who reached for the phone first thing in the morning but I knew that I needed to stop that habit and so now it's trickled down to No 4 on my list. I try to dedicate no more than 30 minutes to looking on IG, checking my blog stats and seeing which of my faves on YouTube have uploaded a new video to save to watch later in the day.

5. Body & Skincare - Once social media time elapses, I head straight to the bathroom to brush my teeth, shower and do my morning skincare routine. I noticed a little while ago that my skin doesn't respond well when I do too much to it so this is another place where I find that the word 'minimal' now applies to me. The routine is CLEANSE- TONE- SERUM - MOISTURIZE - SUNSCREEN. Once or twice a week I use a mild face scrub and/or mask. I find that I break out less and my skin tone looks and feels more even.

6. Breakfast & TV -  It's time to eat and catch up on some TV.  By this time, it's more likely brunch than breakfast so I fix myself something to eat while I catch up on Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, Bachelor In Paradise or some good ol' wrestling. I mostly DVR my favorite shows to watch them the next day and right now, there's some good stuff on!

7. Create Content - Last but definitely not least is to create content if it's content creation day! I try to get as much done as I can which would normally involve drafting blog posts, outfit and makeup selection for pictures, editing those pictures, brainstorming blog content or researching information if I'm writing a sickle cell article.

My minimalist morning routine typically ends by 1 o'clock in the afternoon, leaving the rest of my day open and flexible to do other things like cook, go grocery shopping, read, watch some of those YouTube videos I saved earlier or do some other work.

What does your morning routine look like? Minimal or packed full of stuff to do? Maybe you'll share, maybe you won't but this is mine and I hope you enjoyed it. See you on Thursday!!

Excess Love,


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