Thursday, August 26, 2021



So far it's been a little over just one month since I moved from Texas and for the most part it's been trying out new restaurants, incorporating workouts and shopping for my new space.


I've eaten at Mexican, Italian and American Restaurants and one thing I can say about all 3 places is that they have a very good selection of cocktails on their menus. The drinks I have enjoyed have all been the house specials or recommendations from the servers who attended to me and they were all delicious. The meals were pretty good too but I think I have enjoyed the drinks far more than the food.


In my 40+ years of being on this planet, I'm not certain I've been inside a fully functional gym and if I have, I definitely have not worked out in one. Since I've moved though, I went to a gym for the first time to work out and it was a new experience for me for sure.

I've also started taking 15-30 minute walks twice a week and while I am not one of those people who enjoys working out or the soreness I feel afterwards, I know I'm doing my body good by exercising and actively moving around.


In an attempt to create a space I enjoy and will live in, I have been slowly and deliberately shopping for items to curate a space I'm happy with. I've been buying candles, storage items and other bits and bobs for my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The theme I'm going with for my room is grey with black and gold accent colors.

I am nowhere near even almost complete because there are still bigger furniture pieces to purchase so this is certainly going to take a while but like any lover of interior decoration, I'm enjoying the process and taking my time.


I suppose you can say I have officially joined the Candle Movement. I think that whenever you find yourself building or refreshing a space, candles are the accents that complete the vibe you have created for your bedroom, bathroom, living room or any other space in your home.

Would anything be complete if you didn't have some pictures or motivational art on the walls? NO! That's why when I found these Motivational Art Pieces at 5 Below for $3 each, I had to grab them. They are currently hanging over my work desk which I think is a good spot to keep me focused and motivated. Certainly picture frames will be included as time goes on.

It's ongoing guys but I hope to keep bringing you along through the different stages of this exciting time for me. See you on Saturday with what I think will be my first style post in months!

Excess Love,


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