Thursday, September 16, 2021



Incase you didn't already guess it, I turned 41 on the 14th of this month and although I felt blessed to witness another year, all I wanted was for the day to come and go quietly. Thankfully that's how it went save for my phone buzzing with texts, calls and DMs from friends and family.

I did not even care to take photos or do any makeup looks to put up on the gram which is why there were none (if you follow me on IG and was expecting to see something, sorry!). In the same spirit, I won't bore you with a lengthy write up about 41 things I've learned in 41 years nor will I do the cliche New Year, New Me post. Just enjoy this mini photo dump of a few of my recent favorite pictures and we'll call it a wrap on the birthday post!!

I got a little more into hats and this $10 Walmart purchase is a hit!

Haven't braided my hair in years so it was fun playing with different styles!!

I do like a good scarf/head wrap and at this point, I've got too many of them!!

I apologize that there was not a post up last weekend, I was on the road travelling and had no time to schedule one but there will be this Saturday so see you guys then.

Excess Love,


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