Thursday, September 30, 2021



When I started blogging in 2017, it didn't occur to me right away that I needed content; regular, consistent and interesting content that I would enjoy putting out and that people would like to read each time they clicked on my link.


So as the years have gone by, through trial and error, I have managed to finesse a few tricks that I now use to never run out of blog content. You might want to try these if you are not already using tricks of your own.

1. The first trick I use to never run out of blog content is of course to Take Breaks. Unless there are unforeseen circumstances that force me to take a break from blogging, I usually take breaks two times a year; once over the summer and then the other over Christmas. Burn out and Writer's Block are real things and for me, I start to feel tired once summer comes around so I take a break for a month or 2 at the most and this has been a good way for me to never run out of blog content.

2. Another trick I use is to always have at least 2 back up posts if for any reason I am unable to blog about what I had originally scheduled. For example, if I was meant to create a makeup look and blog about it but was unable to find time to do the makeup, take and edit the pictures, I still have content to upload because I left room for a back up post. Kind of like having a spare tyre in the event that something happens to the first one.

3. This trick I use to never run out of blog content is one that I've only recently started implementing and that is to use YouTube as my guide for inspiration. There is a lot of content on YouTube that I personally enjoy watching and have decided to introduce on my platform. An example of that is My New Minimalist Morning Routine and Mini Life Update posts that I shared recently. These are videos I enjoy so recreating them here is definitely a new trick I'm using so I never run out of content.

4. This 4th trick may be a no brainer for some but I personally didn't think to use it earlier because it seemed like there was nothing to write and that trick is to Use My Own Life as Inspiration. If you are anything like me, then you probably think nothing in your life is worth writing about but I can testify that this is a wrong mindset to have. I've recently been on a journey of rediscovering my faith in and love for God and felt convicted to blog about everything I've been learning. People are always curious about how other people are living their lives whether or not YOU think your life is boring so this is a trick I use to never run out of blog content. By the way, my faith based posts are every other Thursday so mark it on your list of things to read. Please and Thank You!

5. Last but not least on the list of tricks I use to always have content is to Hop On The Bandwagon of trending or popular topics/current events/pop culture etc. I try to do this by putting my own spin on things or giving it a personal touch. I have one such post coming up in a few weeks that I'm calling "Who Is A Rich Aunty & What Are Her Vibes?" If you are on social media at all then you've probably seen many a post about giving off rich aunty vibes so I'm going to attempt to blog on this using a more tongue-in-cheek approach.

I truly do enjoy writing/blogging about my journey and all the little/big changes that I go through. What I enjoy, what I miss, faith, family, love, lifestyle and everything in between. For me, it has never really been about how many clicks to my platform or comments I get and I know that because if it was about that, I would have long abandoned this space to try and pursue something else so to everyone who reads, Thank You!

See you Saturday!!

Excess Love,


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