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I've had brunch and dinner at a few restaurants and cafes in Texas but it was my first time having brunch at Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar recently. I've wanted to try the food here for sometime, wondering if the menu would be more like Denny's or lean more towards a Chilli's style menu.

I've done reviews in the past of places I've eaten at on the blog. You may like this or that so feel free to check them out and perhaps head over for brunch, lunch or dinner. Now let's get into this review of Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar:

The Ambience

Like most restaurants, dining areas included bar, table and booth seating options, I opted for the booth because I enjoy the cozy vibes it gives off. The walls were splattered with lots of different artwork and pictures that gave a glimpse into a time past and this added an extra cool vibe and style to the ambience. Most restaurants have this same aesthetic and I enjoy looking at all the art, trying to transport myself into the time and space of the images, wondering what life was maybe like back then.

The Food/Menu

It was a little difficult for me to decide what I wanted to eat, not because there were no good options but because there were too many. I couldn't make up my mind between the fries and steak, burger and fries or the mashed potatoes with shrimp and chicken which I eventually settled for. The appetizer options were also good and I had the barbecue boneless wings...they were delicious. The menu had other things like tacos and dips, salmon, pastas, salads and a decent dessert selection. To drink, I had the yummiest mango smoothie I've tasted in a long time and could easily have drank 3 of those with no problem.

The Service/Cost

I came on a weekday so the restaurant was pretty empty. I would think the meals would have come out quicker than they did but it took about 20 minutes just to get the appetizer on the table and an extra 5-10 minutes for my actual meal. Besides that, my server was very pleasant, making sure I had everything I needed and inquiring whether the food tasted good. Needless to say he got a tip at the end of the day. As far as cost, I feel like the meals were appropriately priced and the portions were good. I was definitely full after my meal, which is why I passed on dessert (so unlike me!).

Overall Dining Experience

Out of 10, I would score Applebees Neighborhood Grill & Bar a solid 8 for my first time. The food was good and priced right, the ambience was warm and cozy and the service, although good because the server was great, could have been better in terms of the time it took to get the food out to me. 

I recommend dining here if you haven't already for brunch with friends or a significant other or grabbing lunch with colleagues from work.

Have you dined at Applebees before? what was your experience like?

Have a great weekend friends and chat with you next week Thursday!!

Excess Love,


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