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Long before COVID-19 hit and we were all forced to shelter in place, I've been semi addicted to reality television and am guilty of indulging in more shows than I'd like to admit. There's a minimum of at least 2 shows I DVR every day of the week to watch while I snack and run my own personal commentary.

There are so many shows that come on in different seasons and right now, I'm shuttling between more than a handful of them. So if you're like me and mildly obsessed with reality tv, here's a list of some stuff I'm currently enjoying and why I watch:

1. The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills and Potomac - I can't tell you how much I enjoy watching most of the housewives shows of the different cities. I'm a fan of Atlanta, New Jersey and most recently Salt Lake City but not so much New York, Dallas or Orange County. The shenanigans that a lot of  these women get up to is bewildering and certainly makes for good television. I watch this franchise because while I do not enjoy how the show depicts the cattiness and drama between women, I love how it helps catapult business ventures, brands and opens doors for women to make money and be financially independent. I also love seeing the family aspect of these shows and how women really do balance and juggle the home-work life and make it look so easy. BRAVO TV really struck gold with this franchise.

2. The Bachelor/Bachelorette & Bachelor In Paradise - Katie's season of The Bachelorette just concluded a few weeks ago with her finding love with Zack. Now the bachelor in paradise has been on and the love triangles and squares with some drama has already begun. I find it funny how the show starts off being an actual paradise for the singles who hope to find love here until it becomes a nightmare when multiple people become interested in one person, one party in a couple jumps ship to become entangled with another person before getting burned by that same individual. I watch these shows to see how people actually navigate the complexities of dating and relationships and to see how some self sabotage, manipulate and can be calculating all in the name of love (or in some cases like I've seen on the show so far, for fame and popularity).

3. Love n Hip Hop - I'm hooked on every single city with the love and hip hop franchise and at the moment, the Atlanta and Miami seasons are on every Monday on VH1. There isn't any other show on TV right now that really captures the lifestyles and struggles of the women and men in hip hop today like this one does. Certainly there is way too much drama with baby mama and baby daddy issues but beyond that is the stuff we truly do not get to see with these artistes. The multiple businesses they juggle, the family traumas they have endured that bleed into their adult lives, the sacrifices they continue to make to give their families and children the life they did not have growing up and on and on. It's really a well blended cocktail of personal and community struggles that honestly just showcases the resilience, strength and work ethic of black people. Well done Mona Scott!!

4. Put A Ring On It/ Ready To Love - I only discovered these shows on OWNTV this summer and was instantly hooked. Although both shows have concluded for the season, it was certainly an interesting watch. Shining a light on how adult black men and women navigate their love lives is something I think is needed today and this is why I enjoyed watching both shows. One major take away was to see how we struggle with communication and speaking love languages to our partners. I also observed the imbalance of scales when it comes to the sacrifices and compromises the women feel like they have to make for their relationships to work. Having the host of Ready To Love and a Relationship Coach on Put A Ring On It helped to steer and guide these love stories in a more positive light is definitely something I appreciated as I watched.

5. Brat Loves Judy - In my opinion, Da Brat and Eve are arguably two of the best female MCs of my generation. Da Brat has always exemplified that hardcore strength and female energy that is self assured and confident- that's how I always saw her so to learn only recently that she was actually gay took me by surprise to be honest. This show gives some insight into her relationship with her partner, Judy and if I'm being real, I see a side of this female MC in Brat that is a lot less aggressive and a lot more loving and vulnerable with her partner. I'm not one who claims to understand or even support same sex relationships but it is for sure interesting to see one of the female rappers I've loved for a long time in this light. Brat Loves Judy airs on WETV every Thursday at 8pm.

There's so many other reality tv shows I'm currently enjoying but to list them all here and tell you why I watch every single one would be a herculean task. I make this post to point out that learning and knowledge can come from these and other shows and I watch mainly for that reason and not so much the drama. Of course there are certain shows I will not expose myself to because I am practicing being sensitive to what I watch and allow take root but these above mentioned shows are my current guilty pleasure and that's all I've got to say on the subject!😛

What are you currently watching?

Excess Love,


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