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When God gave me my word for the month (and the rest of the year), He told me to go back and watch the Crazy Faith series from 2019 preached by Pastor Mike Todd of Transformation Church with help from a bunch of other anointed men and women of God. This is a 20 part series that exposes the concept of faith in God through the differing ways we as Christians often display it versus the kind of faith God actually wants us to have.

If you have never watched even one part of the Crazy Faith series, I really recommend that you do because you will get the truth about what God wants to do through His Church (you and I) if we would only partner with Him with the kind of faith that has the audacity to move mountains. Furthermore, Pastor Mike just began what I'm choosing to call Season 2 of The Crazy Faith series last Sunday which he aptly titles CRAZY-ER FAITH and is already shaking tables. Subscribe to Transformation Church on YouTube so you don't miss what God is doing for the rest of 2021.

Crazy Faith is more than just a cool catch phrase that elicits momentary shouts of excitement when you listen to the message but FAITH is the very thing that causes God to move on our behalf in ways that are exceedingly and abundantly above all that you or I could ever think or imagine. So my question to you is what does your faith look like? I had to ask myself the same question once I started watching the sermons from 2019 and I realize that what I had was LAZY FAITH. That is what my faith looked like. This was part 7 of the Crazy Faith series and by definition, Lazy Faith is the kind of faith that thinks an attempt is adequate and then wants credit for the effort. This is the kind of faith that I feel like a lot of us have even as Christians; "we are willing to get a prophetic word yet unwilling to do the prophetic work"- Pastor Mike Todd.

We all want the kind of blessings that Abraham had but not willing to display the kind of faith in God he had when God asked him to sacrifice his son, the same son that God promised him that would make him the father of many nations. A lot of us are looking for the same elevation that Ruth and Esther had but not willing to leave comfort zones or deny ourselves worldly pleasures in order to access that kind of favor. We seem to think that doing the barest minimum- one minute in prayer, one Sunday at church or one offering during service is all it should take for God to move. If we want God to simply give us everything we want because we asked once, then that makes Him a genie and not a loving Father who knows what's best for His children and desires for them to trust in His timing.

Throughout the bible we see examples of faith in Jesus like the men who took the roof of a home that was not even theirs to lower a man sick with palsy to Jesus because they had faith that He could heal him. The woman with the issue of blood who believed that if she but touched the hem of His garment, she would receive her healing or King David as a boy who trusted that God could kill Goliath and did so through him with only a sling shot. Why then is it difficult for you and I to exemplify this kind of faith today? We know that the bible says "without faith it is impossible to please God" but the bible also says that "faith without works is dead". For many of us, that work is being diligent at that low paying job, walking away from that relationship, praising God even when it doesn't seem like He is doing anything, fasting for 3 days or waking up to pray at 3am.

God wanting us to have faith in Him is not because without it, He is powerless, Faith is to strengthen us for this world we live in. Faith is allowing God show up and show out for us without putting a cap on what He wants to do in and through us. Faith is so that others can see and realize that "in this world we will have troubles but as Believers we have no fear because Jesus has conquered the world" (John 16:33). Faith is for our benefit and we would do well to keep growing in it. As always the enemy would rather derail and distract us with financial problems, difficult relationships, traumas, persecution and sickness causing us to display fear, worry and doubt rather than faith because he knows that if we lean into it, God would be the one fighting our battles and not us!

Again, I encourage everyone to watch the Crazy Faith series from 2019 and follow up with the Sunday sermons this month because Pastor Mike says its about to get CRAZY TILL CHRISTMAS!👊👏

Excess Love,


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