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I may or may not have been in this country for very long (depends on who you ask really) but I've noticed quite a few things that have simultaneously left me both baffled and amused. So today's post is really just me sharing a few of the random thoughts that have been floating around in my head with you.

1. FOR THE LOVE OF DOGS - So, I think one of the very first things I noticed since my move here is the almost obsessive love of animals, especially dogs! These furry four legged creatures have been the center of many a court case where they are fought for like children. Sometimes it seems like dogs are treated almost better than humans and its been so interesting to see especially because it wasn't something I grew up experiencing as the norm. We had dogs when I was growing up yes, because my mom loved them but when I observe how folks here treat these pets, I'm nothing short of amazed. There are entire industries catered to these cute babies that are passionate about their health, well being, comfort and grooming...same as there are for humans! Things like doggy spas, doggy carriages or beds, doggy treats and even doggy hotels or day care are a REAL THING here in the U.S. There are spokespeople for the maltreatment of these animals, adoption centers everywhere, not to mention that caring for these guys costs no small fortune. I see shows like the one former Beverly Hills Housewife Lisa Vanderpump has called Vanderpump Dogs and I wonder if perhaps in my next life I ought to come as dog!! Its a guarantee that I will be loved and spoiled everyday and people will legit fight over me! LOL! Just a random thought in my head!!

2. GETTING SUED - America is one country where I've noticed that your butt can get sued for almost anything real quick. Thanks to shows like Judge Judy and others, I've been baffled to see the rate at which folks just take each other to court over issues. I think what is most jarring for me is seeing parents who will sue their kids, siblings suing each other and one time bosom friends taking one another to court over loans, minor(and sometimes major) accidents, pets, property damage, services poorly rendered or not rendered at all among a host of other things. Where I'm from, you have a dispute with a relative or friend, court is not where you go to settle issues. I could never imagine suing my mother or one of my sisters over anything! So how people do it here so easily is not merely a random thought in my head but a bewildering one as well.

3. SIDE EFFECTS OF MEDICATION - This one gets me every time! The ads on television make me never want to swallow another pill for a headache or the flu ever again much less anything more serious. You would think that with a lot of these drugs, the anticipation of pain relief or alleviation would make you anxious to take them but then you read the side effects and you're like WHAT?? I could DIE from taking Acetaminophen or you mean to tell me my kidneys could literally fail from just taking cough medicine? Why would I want to treat a cough then if I run the risk of internal bleeding, eye damage, swelling, nausea, mild or moderate schizophrenia, confusion, delirium, difficulty breathing, speaking, living and liver damage? It sounds crazy and I know I've exaggerated a little but next time an ad for any medication comes on, pay attention to the 1000 side effects then tell me you aren't freaked out. I don't get it at all but then again this is just another random thought in my head.

4. BRAND CALL OUTS - I am truly taken aback by this one and still scratching my head till this day at how so freely brands call each other out in their commercials. This is where I would think people would actually get sued but I guess its some sort of fifth amendment right or something because I don't get it at all. Verizon calls out T-Mobile, Purina calls out Blue Buffalo, Aleve calls out Tylenol and the list goes on. I find it so insane that brands can actually do this in America but then again what do I know huh? 

There are more examples I could give but these are just a few of the random thoughts that make their way into my head every now and then. What are your thoughts? Is it just me or do any of you find this stuff wacky as well?

Excess Love,


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