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Buying a wig online is a huge risk as you may know. It doesn't matter what online platform/store you patronize, there's always the more than likely chance you won't get what you pay for. So when I was looking on Amazon recently, trying to invest in an affordable headband wig, I knew I was taking a gamble with my money albeit only $20 or less in this case.

I did what any careful shopper would do and scowered through the pages, reading tons of reviews and hair descriptions till I found one I felt comfortable enough to spend money on. Yes, it cost less than $20 and for me, I knew I would be fine with charging that up to the game if the wig came and looked nothing like it's online images.

The wig I settled on is this ISAIC headband wig. It came in a clear bag with an extra leopard print headband, 2 wig caps and a pair of eye lashes. I read every review on this wig and it had a 48% positive rating on Amazon which is not great but not bad either.

Not wanting to buy another black wig, I settled on this one with blonde highlights and I love it. The wig is soft, easy to brush and with very little shedding when I run my fingers through.

The wig itself is well made and has 4 attached combs inside to help secure the hair nicely on the head. The attached headband itself is decently sized and the hair is full, dense and very vibrant. There was no strong chemical smell that you sometimes get with synthetic wigs when I unpackaged it so that was a plus for me.

As with any headband wig, the versatility of styles is the major draw and I found that I could do the same with this wig.

It does not feel heavy on my head at all and the curls though may tangle a little can be easily brushed out as I mentioned. Because the hair is so full, you don't see the tracts when styling so if you are a fan of big hair, you will love this wig like I do.

You can purchase this same color on Amazon HERE but the black is also available.

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