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I'm not sure about you guys but if you are on Instagram, there's always someone claiming to be giving us Rich Aunty Vibes every other day and I begin to wonder who is a rich aunty and what exactly are these vibes she keeps giving?

Well, since there is no research material for me to get the stats from I'm going to offer an attempt at decoding this mystery. Feel free to disagree with me in the comments but you can also offer your thoughts as well.

I'm going to postulate a guess and say that in every family, there is that ONE AUNTY who is different from all the others. The way she dresses, carries herself and talks all exude a certain "je ne sais quoi". You can't quite put your finger on it but you can just tell by the way she is put together, her vibes give off RICH AUNTY! She is that aunty that has probably lived abroad for years or the one who travels to Milan every Summer or the one who is married to that wealthy tech guru or perhaps she is the guru herself. Either way, when she walks in the room you immediately take notice. Her speaking voice is like melted butter dripping off the side of your most favorite pancake. Her skin feels as soft as a baby's bottom and she smells like the most expensive fragrance in a perfume shop. You will never find a hair out of place nor will you ever see a time when she hasn't got the perfect manicure. She is perfection in every sense of the word and is that one aunty you hope shows up to the big family events because you want to gaze upon her beauty and class.

If she is the aunty who lives abroad 11 months in the year, then you know that when she comes visiting at Christmas, she's coming with a ton of goodies in tow - cash included! This is the aunty that does not fart and most certainly does not poop! Makeup sits on her face different and you can bet she only uses high end products. The old favorites like Mac, Estee Lauder or Mary Kay are her preference but she also uses the new stuff too that's why she gives off the kind of vibes that resonate with all of us.

She could be wearing a simple boubou, a casual shirt and pair of jeans, a power suit or even a tshirt dress. It does not matter what she's wearing, she always looks phenomenal. At weddings, she's best dressed, at family gatherings she's the head turner. She eats all the same stuff you and I do yet its like all the food just magically melts off her body leaving her the same size 6 she's been for as long as you've known her. If you go so far as to check her purse or bag, first off it smells divine. Next thing you notice is that everything has its own compartment, nothing is rattling around in there like our purses.

Perhaps you are the rich aunty in your family or social circle intimidating everyone with your mere presence. You are as cool as you are class. We see you. We try to imitate you. You can tell by the way we now dress and carry ourselves. 

So if you have ever asked yourself the question, Who Is A Rich Aunty & What Are Her Vibes? I hope this post was able to help you figure it out. She aint your average aunty whose cooking you enjoy during Easter neither is she the aunty who sits in front of her house with a wrapper tied around her chest gossiping with the neighbors, she is that aunty whose house you always wanted to visit as a kid because you knew you would be pampered and spoiled. She gives gifts, yummy treats and most importantly she gives you RICH AUNTY VIBES!!

See you next week!!

Excess Love,


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