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In the past when I've thought about what it means to worship God, I always concluded that it meant being a part of the choir, singing worship songs on Sunday. It has only been recently that there is a far deeper understanding of what this act of bestowing honor means to my Creator.

In recent posts, I've said that Worship means far more than songs and hymns but my obedience to God, spending time in His presence through prayer and studying His Word and being a reflection of who He is here in the world. Meditating more on this Kingdom Key in my quiet time, the Holy Spirit broke it down for me as an acronym to remind me of what my assignment is in the world which I would like to share here with you guys today.


As simple as it sounds, it hadn't occured to me that Prayer is meant to be a dialogue and not a monologue like I'm sure many of us were or are still guilty of practicing without even realizing. Coming to the place of prayer with nothing but complaints, needs and wants to God but not waiting there to hear what He has to say about the issues we have brought to Him makes prayer one sided. Believe it or not, God has stuff to say to you too and it is an act of worship to wait patiently for Him to speak. After all, you want an answer to your needs right? How do you get them if you are not even willing to hear what He has to say? There could be an instruction. a scripture, a song or something else that would give you the peace you seek about the issues you have brought before the I AM THAT I AM so if you want to worship God, wait in the place of prayer.


Like I mentioned before, obedience is an act of worship towards God. He gives us instructions often about what to do in certain situations. Many times we hear Him and know what He is asking us to do yet we dishonor Him with our willful disobedience because we either do not like what He has instructed us to do or we are too lazy to do it. Either way, when we choose not to obey instructions, what we are telling God is that we can't trust Him, He does not know what's best for us and that we are able to handle issues ourselves. Really? The One who formed you does not know what you need even before you need it? Matt 6: 25 - 34 can probably help you with that.


This is man's primary assignment in the world. Through our gifts and personalities, we are all called to be the express representation of God on the earth. The problem with many of us is that we think we are here by our own making somehow and that we are only meant to party, work, pay bills and die. The assignment is bigger and Gen 1:28 offers a glimpse into what God wants for us to do while we are here. To do otherwise is to dishonor our Maker but Philippians 4: 6 -7 implores us to pray about everything so if you are unsure how God wants you to represent Him, just take it to Him in prayer and ask.


As Believers, we are to spread the truth of God's Word to everyone without fear or shame. God is LIGHT and His Light is His WORD and in our act of worship to Him, we must speak and spread His word. I was listening to a message the other day and the pastor asked a question I thought was significant. The question was in your circle of friends, at your job or even within your family, who knows that you are a Believer? Can anyone tell that you are when they have never heard you speak His word or act like a Believer? When your boss/colleague annoys you, how do you respond? You may need to also ask yourself this question if you claim to be a Believer who worships God but would most certainly cuss your boss or colleague out if they upset you.


I have been saying this whole time that to worship God is to Honor Him and it is by our actions that we bestow our honor to Him. To honor God is to recognize His Sovereignty and appreciate Him for who He is.


I have come to learn that integrity is one of the keys that unlock the favor of God upon our lives. We are the image of God and our God is a God of integrity. We can trust Him with our secrets and fears, with our goals and dreams and with our heart's desires. We know that He will never let us down, leave us or forsake us at any point but He wants to be able to trust us too with the things that we ask for like marriage, children, finances or fame. The question then becomes when He gives us those things we ask Him for, will we lose our integrity or will He be able to trust us with more.


Pray always. Pray without ceasing. Pray about everything. Spending time talking to God is a powerful way of worship. He wants us to draw near to Him because He wants to tell us things, He wants to cover us, for us to have leverage and live supernaturally here on earth with His peace and joy.

Worshipping God is for us - so that we do not have to go through this life striving when He wants us to stride! So that even when we go through trials, temptations and tribulation, we have the assurance that the Creator of the universe is on our side, fighting for us and giving us His peace that passes all understanding. 

Excess Love,


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