Thursday, November 4, 2021



Over the past few weeks, I've been casually mentioning Fallen Eve and Restored Eve, differentiating between the two as one who came about as a direct result of disobedience leading to being kicked out of her original home while the other is her renewed version after Jesus came and paid the ultimate price for man's restoration and reconciliation to God.

Fallen Eve as I like to call her shows up in today's world many different ways but the 2 I would like to focus on are what I'm choosing to call the Passives and Aggressives. Let's look a little bit at both shall we?

Fallen Passive Eve is the woman who lacks confidence. She looks to others and men in particular for her self worth and validation. This type of woman does not believe in her own abilities and is convinced she has nothing to offer the world so when a man...any man....shows interest in her, she is quick to give herself to him, morphing into any and everything he wants. Remember God's judgement upon the woman in Genesis 3:16 that says "...Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you"? In Fallen Passive Eve's case, it's not even her husband, it's always just any man.

In her other relationships outside romance, she prefers to stay invisible. At work, she is never the one to speak up in the meeting. She does not get invited to after-work drinks with colleagues because she has no social skills and even when she gets an invitation, she either opts not to show up or shows up but fades into the background. In her friend group, she is easily manipulated because she has no voice of her own and you will constantly find her apologizing for things she doesn't need to.

Eve or Woman in this state can not function in her God given identity as Ezer Kenegdo. Not for herself and certainly not for anyone else. She has been robbed of her power and strength and until she accepts the love of Christ and His sacrifice to restore her true nature, her gift lies dormant and unused.

Fallen Aggressive Eve is the direct opposite of Passive Eve. Past traumas and wounds have left her sharp, cutting and cold. Isolation for her is a choice because old scars have told her she needs nobody but herself in this world. Men are nothing and mean nothing to Aggressive Eve except maybe a means to an end. There is no softness or tenderness to her and all her relationships suffer because of this. She adopts the false narrative of what feminism is by believing that women do not need men, are better than men and are equal to men (women are equal but different to men but more on this in a separate post).

Aggressive Eve just like her fallen sister Passive Eve, have been robbed of their identity. John 10:10 tells us that " The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy...". The thief here is our enemy the devil and his only mission is to steal our identity in God as Ezer Kenegdo, kill our purpose and destroy our God given assignment to the world. The rest of that scripture reads "...I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full." -NIV. This is the life that Restored Eve embodies. Let's take a look at her next.

Restored Eve is woman re-born and restored. Jesus Christ did that for you and I when He died on the Cross. He snatched us out of the clutches of satan and stripped away the counterfeit identity he gave us through being passive and aggressive. Restored Eve does what Christ asked us to do in Luke 19:13 - "And he called his ten servants and delivered them ten pounds and said unto them, Occupy till I come" - KJV. She understands the assignment and she busies herself fulfilling her purpose and calling until the Lord returns.

The world today makes us cold and seeks to force us into accepting or creating identities that were never ours to begin with. We have to be careful not to allow this side of heaven push us into giving ourselves labels whether we mean to do it or not. The only identity we are to adopt is the one that God has said is ours and that He freely gave to us. We are stewards of this dimension of God and we must be found faithful in it. Do the men have their part to play? Absolutely! This is what we will be addressing next week so come back on Thursday and we can look at what that is together.

It is our choice to stay Fallen or to rise up and be fully Restored. There is and will always be a constant battle for the heart and life of man by God and our enemy Satan. Who you are showing up as today is an indication of who you have chosen to submit to and lead you. God's grace and mercy is always available for us and He is always waiting for us to invite Him into our lives. Go to Him as you are and He is loving enough to receive you that way and restore your soul.

Excess Love,