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Like most folks in 2021, I purchased a good number of items; from personal hygiene products and clothing to room decor pieces and other well being items from Amazon, Walmart and Target mostly. For today's post, I thought I would share just a few faves from 2021 and why I like them so much.

Each item in this image I bought at separate times without even really realizing that they all paired well together until I took this picture. The robe was an Amazon purchase that I knew would double as a night time robe and swim cover up just in case I find myself by a pool in the Summer. I decided to buy this for myself after getting my sister a black silk one for Christmas. The colors are so vibrant and it is well made. 

The slippers I got on clearance at Target for about $10 and I love it because they feel so comfortable and will pair well with a lot of things in my wardrobe. I already imagine wearing this with a long maxi dress, with denim shorts and with the swim suit I have yet to buy that will match that robe😊😁.

The weekender bag was a Walmart purchase I got on clearance for less than $5. It's bright color was the thing that attracted me right after its affordable price of course but I knew it would style really well for picnic and pool days. So let's hope I can use it for both those things also this Summer.

I have been wanting to get a new bible for years but never did until late last year. I've been reading the King James Version and we all know how hard this version of the bible can be sometimes to understand so I went on the hunt for one that could transition into images in my mind when I read it during my quiet time. I found this cute New Living Translation on Amazon and can I just say that bible study for me has become a lot easier, fun and eye opening since I began using it. Sorry KJV, you have been replaced but I still love you though. You will always be my O.G Bible😊.

What else can I really tell you about candles that you do not already know yourselves? This particular scented soy candle though, I highlight because even as a single wick, its fragrance carries extremely well throughout my bedroom and still lingers several minutes after I put it out. I love it because it has my zodiac sign on it (not that I believe in astrology anyway) and its signature Earth scent is just as calming and pleasant as you would expect. I purchased 2 of these at Target for $3 a piece.

I was so excited to buy my very first full length mirror from Walmart last year. Being able to appreciate a full outfit look when put together is a joy that I can't adequately explain but I know that all the girls who have a full length mirror can relate to. I got this for about $17 and I am happy with it. I know that in the future I definitely want to get one that's wider and longer but for now, this will do. I purposefully went with a grey color because that's the major decor color I'm going with for my bedroom. Watch this space for a full room tour when it's ready.

I added some personal touches with the Christmas lights draped around it for movie nights and the mini white shaggy rug for an added layer of aesthetics for pictures. The basket on the side is from Ross and I mainly have my work out clothes in there at the moment. I love this mirror and honestly cannot say enough good things about it.

This bedside table was another Amazon purchase that was affordable and very easy to assemble. As you can see from the image, my books and candles live on the bottom shelf, my old notebooks and KJV bible occupy the 2nd shelf while my current favorite candle I talked about earlier, room diffuser and other random bits live on the topmost shelf. I am still surprised at how sturdy this table is especially because there were no tools needed to assemble it and its the perfect size for a small to medium sized room.

I purchased just one and placed it between my bed and work desk. I will definitely be buying another for the other side of my bed because my library is growing and I need more space for other things as well.

I've put links below to all the Amazon purchases in case you would like to cop something for yourselves that's cute, affordable and functional. Maybe I need to become an Amazon affiliate and put together my own store hmm? What do you guys think?




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