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My skin and I have put each other through a lot. Between me picking at my acne and trying product after product to my skin reacting in rebellion and not being able to decide if it wants to be dry, oily or combination, I can certainly say we have come a long way. Every drug store product there is out there to try, I've tried them and this is where we currently are with things.

Sometime early last year, one of my besties sent me this Urban Skin Rx starter kit in the mail. She had been using it for some time and swore she saw a huge difference with her skin. Now bear in mind that she has never had problem skin to begin with so I was skeptical about what it could really do for me with all my scarring, acne and hyper-pigmentation concerns.

The kit came with a cleansing bar, super glow serum and dark spot treatment cream. She told me that the Kojic Acid in the serum and Niacinamide in the dark spot treatment cream were the difference makers because they were especially formulated to be effective on dark tone skin girls like us.

I wanted to document my skin's progress (if there would be any) and after the first 2 weeks of using Urban Skin Rx, this is what my skin looked like. For me, I was particular about lightening my scarring and evening out my skin tone and after a fortnight, I did start to notice a slight improvement. Of course, my skin at first did what it usually does whenever I try out new products and broke out but the acne surprisingly did not last long. I was intrigued...

I continued using the products religiously and checked back in after another 2 weeks had gone by. My scarring had gotten significantly lighter and my skin tone even appeared to have brightened up some. I knew I still had a ways to go but at this point, I really liked how my skin was looking and even saw a huge difference with how make up would go over my face so smoothly.

Unfortunately, like with many things, I fell off the wagon for a few months and stopped using the products because I had somehow convinced myself that I no longer saw any further progress. I began using a cocktail of other things but nothing quite gave me the improvement I saw with Urban Rx skin products. After a few months of trying and being disappointed with other stuff, I went back to using these products and included their mask, a sugar scrub, toner and sunscreen to my routine.

It has not been 2 weeks yet but I will admit that I have not quite been as consistent as I was in the beginning with using these products. So this I'm sure would have slowed down any progress my skin would have made at the benchmark time frame.

As of a few days ago, this is my skin after just taking a bath and using the sugar scrub and cleansing bar. I had not put anything else on my face at this time but my skin felt smooth and soft for sure. During the harsh winter months, my skin dries up a lot and tends to get flaky which is why I go in with the scrub 2-3 times a week. I let it sit for 7-10 minutes before rinsing off then going in with the cleansing bar. 

By the time I've gone through toning, using 6-8 drops of the serum, dark spot cream and sunscreen, this is what my face looks like; fresh and moisturized. In fact, it feels so fresh that I have been neglecting to follow up with a night time routine because my skin still feels like I just applied the products.

My skin's journey has not been an easy one and I am far from where I would love it to be but right now I'm happy with where it's at. The Urban Skin Rx starter kit retails for about $30 at Target but you can also get large individual sizes of each product.

Would I recommend these to anyone struggling with some of the same skin issues I have? Yes but the truth is your skin will always do what it does. You can spend all your coins on the expensive stuff and doing all the peeling procedures but me thinks that if you've got problem skin, you've got it and you will keep dealing with it till you die. So when all these celebrities and influencers with perfect skin try to convince me that something works magic just because they use it on some non existent pimple or hyper pigmentation that nobody can see, I don't fall for it. The honest truth is that if your skin is bad, skincare products alone will not fix your issues 100%. Diet and lifestyle changes will help and you will see improvement but to say that all your skin issues will disappear is simply not true!

I hope this helps someone out there whose just looking for the truth about dealing with skin concerns. Hope everyone has a happy president's day and I will see you guys back here on Thursday.



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