Saturday, February 5, 2022



The minute headband wigs became a thing, I knew instantly that I would be giving my coins away to acquire as many as I could. Amazon boasts of an impressive catalogue of these beauties and these are 2 that I'm so far in love with.

I AM OBSESSED with this natural kinky style headband wig and it is by far my favorite one. With the ability to be styled in a multitude of flattering ways, this wig is soft and sits securely on my head with sewn in combs that slide easily in my own hair. 

The Velcro pad at the back (not pictured) is long and wide enough to accommodate any level of tightness you are comfortable with. This hair does not tangle easily even though one would expect it to be because of its length but it does shed minimally when combed.

 The wig came with an extra headband that allows you switch up your look and its own netted cap. I found this Wignee 26 Inches Kinky Straight Headband Wig on Amazon for $29.99 back in November last year and it's been the perfect wig for these cold winter months. She is just as full and luscious as pictured.

I typically do not name my wigs but she's so pretty I think she's worthy of one. Leave any suggestions you may have in the comments and whichever one I like is what she will be called!πŸ‘©

This is another great headband wig that I've been loving owing to its voluminous curls and color. This wig does not tangle too much and all I do to tame any frizz or fly-aways is to run my fingers through and she instantly comes alive. I also apply leave-in conditioner for extra softness.

I really like the blonde highlights on this wig, making it that much more fun and versatile to blend with most of my outfits. You can find this here on Amazon but hurry, I think it says there's only one left in stock. Not certain if or when it will be available again but no fear, there are so many other options to choose from.

This wig also has combs sewn in for extra security and an extra headband for a switch up look. It also came with 2 wig caps which I do not use and a pair of false lashes which I do use. I actually blogged about this wig already which you can check out with the title My Less Than $20 Amazon Wig

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