Thursday, February 17, 2022



2022 for me is not going to be about the fluff, the packaging or the aesthetics. That's what the world wants me to do. To follow it's own narrative and tell me what options I must choose from because that's what everyone else is doing to get ahead or that's what is culturally acceptable. I'm saying NO to all that and setting some intentional limitations for myself in 2022.

So what exactly do I mean by intentional limitations? These are things, places or people I am making the conscious choice to stay away from or consume less of for the purpose of my own personal and spiritual growth. I follow Transformation Church virtually and am a proud member of Transformation Nation. The Word (or Phrase) Of the Year given by God to Pastor Mike was HERE IS HOLY but the addendum to this phrase is 'THE YEAR OF INTENTIONAL LIMITATIONS'. These are set by you and me in obedience and surrendered to God so we can experience Him in more profound ways. 

Even before Pastor Mike said this, I noticed that I had already begun to limit my consumption of certain things that were altering and affecting my mood and attitude negatively. Still wanting to be very transparent with you all, I will tell you what and why I have decided to forgo this year.

1. INSTAGRAM: We are all guilty of being addicted to social media; be it IG, YOUTUBE, TIKTOK and whatever else is out there in some shape or form, letting that usually be the thing we reach for in place of God and our relationship with Him especially if that is where you are making your money. I started realizing as 2021 was coming to a close that scrolling through IG was negatively affecting the way I viewed myself. How so you may ask? Well, I started comparing myself and where I was in my life with other people. We all know that we should not get sucked into comparing our real lives with the highlight reels of others that they put on social media. I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment but I was getting depressed about not even having any highlights of my own to display. So, taking a step back from Instagram is one very intentional limitation I'm setting for myself in 2022 and I am no longer endlessly scrolling through pages or profiles. I promote my blog posts, post a few IG stories here and there but that's all I allow myself to do nowadays. 30 minutes or less is the only time I allot to this platform and there are days where I do not even look at Instagram at all. I am able to focus on my own journey, where and how I feel God is leading me.

2. YOUTUBE: There is certain content I no longer allow myself watch and others I am weaning myself off like reaction and gossip videos. Whatever one creator has to say about another creator's issues, decisions, friendships or relationships is not my concern and does not serve me in any way. Even videos that criticize and offer unsolicited advise regarding influencers I am choosing to stay away from. In 2022, I am only consuming lifestyle, fashion and faith content because that's what I enjoy.

3. CELEBRITY GOSSIP/TALK SHOWS: I used to be a Wendy Williams show watcher even though I did not agree with a lot of her opinions and commentary. Now that she is reported to be battling health issues, I still have chosen to turn off my TV from hers and other talk shows I enjoy like The Real and Celeb Gossip shows like TMZ. Everyone chiming in about how a celebrity chooses to live their lives, what they buy, where they vacation, who they're dating or having a baby by etc only distracts me and does not allow me make myself available for God to use for His glory.

4. THE NEWS: I don't know about you guys but I stopped watching the news probably like 2 years ago now. I listen now and then but sitting down to consume all of today's news has gotten to be too much for me. Every day it's some sort of violence being perpetrated, natural disaster, wars and coups, freak accidents and more pandemic arguments. This type of news day in and day out drains my energy and chips away at my faith so I set it as an intentional limitation for 2022. 

5. REALITY TV: Real talk fam, this one is the doozy for me. I was actually taking stock of just how many reality tv shows I watch in a week and they are a lot. I'm watching The Bachelor on Mondays, The Real Housewives on Tuesdays, Growing Up Hip Hop on Thursdays, Ready To Love on Fridays and another Housewives franchise on Sundays. There's about to be new seasons of Black Ink NY and Compton, Wild n Out and Marriage Bootcamp and I'm planning to watch them all. I watch these for pure entertainment but do I really have to watch ALL OF THEM? Pray for me ya'll, I'm trying to hear God more not listen to grown men and women argue over rumors, perceived disrespect and ways to make more money.😜

These are the intentional limitations I'm setting in 2022 to help me stay focused on appreciating where I am in my walk with what God is trying to do through me and in me and just becoming the version of myself that reflects Him the most accurately.

Intentional Limitations could be different things for you - relationships or friendships that don't help you have/display a good attitude, gossip, certain kinds of food, candy or drinks, spending money, sex, secular music etc. We cannot be intentional about our walk with God if we insist on coming with our "desserts" aka the things that feed our flesh or that it enjoys.

I can tell you first hand that it's not easy to give up things I like and enjoy. I even still ask myself why I need to do it but I have come to understand that for purpose sake and kingdom sake, my flesh has to die and it starts here. On our own, we have no will or desire to give up these things but when we surrender our lives to Christ, He gives us the will and desire and we do them in obedience. Have you surrendered your life to Jesus yet? I guarantee that it's the single most important decision you can make about your life and destiny. Simply go to Him as you are, flaws and all and ask Him to come into your heart and help you from here onwards then watch Him work!!



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