Thursday, February 3, 2022



Hey friends and family, Happy New Year once again! I hope the year has already started treating you well and things are looking up for you and yours.

I'm back to blogging fully as of today and like I said last week, posts will only be up on Thursdays and Saturdays, allowing me fully concentrate on faith and lifestyle content. So to kick things off, I told ya'll last year that I decided I would seek God's face for an anchor word each year that would guide me through from January to December. Last year my word was LISTEN and this was something I needed to do as far as hear from God and everything He had to tell and teach me. I'm still listening and in 2022, His word for me is SURRENDER. We are only 1 month in to 2022 and this word has already started laying the foundation for what I want the rest of my year to look like. That is, to surrender everything I want and desire for God's will and purpose. Not His will and purpose for me but just His will and purpose!! It's as simple as that and I'm excited for what God wants to do through me this year.

In keeping with my goal to hear and see God's vision for me more clearly, I picked up my journal/planner for 2022. Last year I bought the Jesus Centered Planner from Amazon and I enjoyed it very much. See my post about it here and here to get the one for 2022. Although this is a very different devotional journal, the goal is the same which is to keep on nurturing my relationship with God through bible study and prayer. I picked this up also from Amazon and it is a weekly study that focuses on a different aspect of our faith walk with God. I like this journal because it lets me focus and meditate on one thing per week. I am not inundated with too much at once and I am able to be honest, open and transparent with where I am in my life to God. You can find this journal and other journals here on Amazon.

It's only the first week in February and a lot has already happened. We will address a few of those things in weeks to come. In the meantime, I just want to let you know that I am indeed glad to be back writing, sharing the love and message of Christ with you all here every Thursday along with other shenanigans I hope you enjoy. I had planned to include a gospel playlist for 2022 to help you get in God's presence everyday as you begin your morning routines but I will leave you with just 2 of my favorites for the year so far.

1. You Are Welcome by Psalmist Raine and;

2.The Blessing by Kari Jobe



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