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As I've grown older, my love for organizing spaces and interior decor in general has only become more emphasized. I'm constantly re-arranging spaces in my sisters' houses and my own space, so much so that its the consensus in my family now that I have a condition and it needs medical attention😄.

I enjoy creating spaces especially in the places I call home and I do it either by introducing small new items to add character or simply by re-arranging the positions of furniture to give a fresh new appearance. Creating spaces I love for me is where I thrive and I'm the happiest so imagine my excitement when I had a blank canvas in my new space to work with aka my bedroom. I'm intent on creating multiple functional but aesthetically pleasing areas in my room and I'm doing that with color, texture and different materials that I can afford.....key word being AFFORD!!

One of these areas in my room that is currently bringing me joy is my makeup area. I may not be doing as much makeup these days but I do have a bit of product from when I was constantly creating looks and I wanted to display as much as I could. If you are addicted like I am to changing spaces, then you know that this space will probably look different again in another few months.

I have a rack with my African clothes and some shoes also in this area because the burst of colors makes me even happier and I love looking at them to help inspire makeup looks whenever I'm in the mood to create them. Most ladies have gone the minimalist route in terms of color with the nudes, mauves, taupes and browns but honestly, these are not colors that really elicit joy for me. I tried them but could not handle how bland my appearance or emotions were so I went back to what I know and love....COLOR! 

There are still a few pieces I would like to add to this particular space like pictures, a bigger mirror on the wall that may or may not have LED lights and some extra storage for my other eyeshadow palettes and jewelry that's contained in the basket and box below the table. I will definitely be getting a bookshelf that will be used as a display for my smaller bags/purses, candles, decorative pieces, perfumes and other things. This for sure will bring this area to life even more.

I've been back in Dallas for a little while now and have been shopping a ton to create more spaces I love in my room. Again, my colors are grey, black, white with splashes of gold and I can't wait to get back home to start decorating. 

I haven't really been using any Pinterest boards as inspiration even though I have a lot of them saved but I know what look I'm going for and I'm simply calling it GROWN! I promise that when the entire room is completed, I will dedicate a post to show you all the finished look.

See you guys next weekend with another lifestyle post!!



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