Thursday, April 28, 2022



Recently, I had to handle the re-appearance of one of my ex-boyfriends to my life. Our relationship had been a brief one and ended almost as quickly as it began. It left a bad taste in my mouth but shortly after the relationship ended is when I met my now ex-fiance and thus had no time to stew in my disappointment at the way things ended between us.

Fast forward a little over 3 years later and here he was resurfaced in my life, apologizing for the way our relationship ended and wanting my forgiveness. I forgave him because it was water under the bridge at this point and I was too far along in my walk with God to allow this pull me back into a bitter, resentful place. 

After accepting his apology, he began to talk about the past, how we met, why he liked me to begin with and what caused our breakup. I indulged him in that conversation for a while but was keenly aware that this was a test I was taking and was determined to pass it. I've mentioned here in a recent post how I had to give up unwholesome conversations of a sexually suggestive nature with guys and this conversation was already treading along those lines. I had failed this particular test many times before but refused to fail yet again especially because this ex had become a married man.

I knew it was only a matter of time before he took the conversation there and sure enough, that's where it went and I'm proud to say that I did not fall for the temptation to engage. He would say one thing and when he didn't get the response he was hoping to get, he tried another way but I shut it down just as fast. So it was not for a lack of trying on his end but I made up my mind that I was not going to disappoint God for the umpteenth time with this. 

He continues to "check in on me" till today which is fine but there will be no lines crossed with me. Even with him making it known that he would be visiting Texas soon and would like to see me, the way I have handled his return into my life is something I'm proud of because yo! it was hard at first. I would have liked to mess with his head so bad but I'm glad I let the transformation that has been taking place in my life lead me. This is just one of the few tests I've had to take thus far in my journey that allows me prove to God that He can indeed trust me and that I no longer wish to make choices that dishonor Him. 

So there it is guys, My Vulnerable Moment of the week! I'm drained!!😊 With that out of the way, this is where I would announce my 1 or 2 month Summer break that I take every year to allow me recharge BUT God has asked that I do one more thing before I go. The month of may begins this Sunday and so does my 1 week Fast that I've shared here I pledged to God to do each new month. I've received my Word or should I say Instruction for May and I've been asked to take you along on this week long fast with me. My Instruction for the  month is to " Pray For My Bride Against Idolatry" and this topic of Idolatry has been heavy on my heart for a minute now. So starting this Sunday, I will blog every day for a week straight and take you along each day with a different "idol" that God wants us to pray against.

I've never done anything like this before and I may not do it all perfectly but God has asked that I do it so I'm trusting Him to help me through just as He wills. If you would like to fast along with me, you are welcome to. Mine will start by 9pm on Sunday and every evening for 1 week till 3pm the next day. You can start today just asking God to reveal any idols in your life that have taken His place so you can honestly repent & I'm confident that God will show up for you in ways that you are not even expecting!! See you on Saturday...then Sunday the 1st till Sunday the 7th of May!



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