Saturday, April 30, 2022



For me, there is really no quiet time without some praise and worship music. Usually, my playlist involves a cocktail of Western and Nigerian music that I listen to for about 20-30 minutes every morning. I know not everyone has that amount of time to commit to just praising and worshipping but I heard about something called the Thirsty Thirty that could help if that is your specific case!

If you are pressed for time in the mornings or at any other moment you have set out for quiet time, this is where the thirsty thirty can help. It's simply 10 minutes for praise and worship, 10 for bible study and the last 10 minutes for prayer. There is no specific formula for spending time with God just as long as you do not allow your day elapse without entering into His presence.

I say the mornings are best because starting the day with God will honestly set the tone for the rest of the day. You find that the things or situations that would ordinarily have stressed you out  or robbed you of your peace, have little to no effect. That's because you took the time to invite God's presence into your day so now He is with you and has been given permission to hold you in the palm of His hands.

It's fitting that I share my gospel playlist that I like to use for fasting and prayer with you especially because we are going on a week long fast starting tomorrow and I will be blogging about a specific topic each day. If you didn't already know, God has asked that we pray against Idolatry and we will be fasting from 9pm each day till 3pm the following day. You are more than welcome to join us.

I like to start with Worship music in the mornings before moving on to Praise because it calms my mind, focuses my thoughts on the moment and gives me an opportunity to reverence God as well as invite and welcome Him into my quiet time. I also ask the Holy Spirit to open my spiritual eyes and ears so I can see, hear and understand everything the Father would like to share with me for the day.

 My Worship Playlist:

1, Yaweh - Matthew Stevenson feat Chandler Moore

2. See How Far - Victoria Orenze

3. Spirit Chants - Victoria Orenze

4. You Are Welcome - Psalmist Raine

5. Holy Ghost Take Over - Theophilus Sunday

6. Oh Secret Place - Theophilus Sunday

7. Out of My Belly - Prospa Ochimana

8. Here Is Holy - Pst Mike Todd & Transformation Church Worship

9. My Worship - Phil Thompson

My Praise Playlist:

1. You Are Lord Of All - J.J Hairston

2. He's Been Good - Kenny Lewis & One Voice

3. Halleluyah Challenge - Nathaniel Bassey

4. Intentional - Travis Greene

Any combination of these songs will help with the upcoming fast and I encourage you to lean in and hear what the Lord could be saying to you through song, scripture and prayer.

For my makeup look of the month, this was my interpretation of the no makeup makeup look. Not sure why it's called that because there's a bunch of makeup involved and especially for someone like me with problem skin.

It's the go to for when you want to look like you didn't try but you did! The "I woke up like this" look even though you did not in fact wake up like that😊. Hope you like and will meet up with you tomorrow.



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