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Before my arrival to the United States, I had never heard of a store where almost everything in it was sold for $1. On getting to Texas, I was eager to see these Dollar Tree, Dollar General and 99Cent Stores and what exactly I could get of decent quality here.

Over time, I've purchased a number of items from the Dollar store; everything from skincare products makeup and snacks to body care products, kitchen and home decor items. Some things have been surprisingly good enough that I have re-purchased them while others will not be getting a second buy. So here are two items I can recommend you should get from the Dollar store and two that you should not.

Back & Face Sponge: I was really not expecting these two items to be as good as I've found them to be but since buying this pink back sponge, my showers have gotten so much better. I usually find it hard to scrub my back when taking a bath and went on the hunt for a good sponge that would do a good job with scrubbing my skin without being too abrasive. That's exactly what I found that this back sponge does. Its gentle enough to be used daily and the two rings on each side make it easy to manipulate. Another great thing about this sponge is that a little shower gel goes a long way because it absorbs and foams really well. I absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for an affordable but effective back sponge.

The Face Sponge is another good item to get from the Dollar Store. One side works as a scrub with face products that target dead skin while the other side is the regular gentle sponge that works with your daily cleanser. My face always feels squeaky clean each time I use this product and I love it!

On the flip side, one item I certainly do not recommend getting from the Dollar Store is Cotton Pads. These ones I got are so flimsy, hardly absorb my toner and are quick to come apart with little use. I recommend getting the cotton balls instead of these because they seem to do a better job otherwise stick to getting your cotton pads from Walmart or any other drugstores.

A second item from the Dollar Store that I have not enjoyed using nor do I recommend buying is this foot scraper. At least once a week I try to do a little mini scrub and scrape as I'm showering just to keep my feet from getting too crusty before getting a professional pedicure. This scraper actually comes with other items meant for an at home mani/pedi. If used alongside them ( stone and buffer), the scraper does a decent job but used by itself (except to simply keep dry skin at bay), the results may not be the same.

The Dollar Stores are really great places to shop for arts and crafts products, glasses and plates, some foods and other items. I find it to be a really great alternative especially for folks on a strict budget and anyone who simply is looking for more affordable options.

What have you bought from the Dollar Store that you would recommend? Share in the comments below and will chat to you all soon.



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