Tuesday, May 3, 2022




When it comes to relationships of a romantic nature specifically marriage relationships, it appears as though many have made the desire to be married or being in a relationship an idol. Not only for single people wanting marriage but also for married people; the ones who decide to stay in violent or abusive marriages.

When it comes to this type of marriage in particular, the word the Holy Spirit has been consistently highlighting to me is CHOICE. God allows us the choice to either choose Him over sin or vice versa. He does not demand this of us even though He has the power to make us do His Will. God Himself chooses not to force us to serve Him and if the Creator of the universe recognizes choice and permits us to make our own decisions with the option of life or death, why do we continue to choose death? The death that results from sin and the death that too often results from staying in violent marriages.

Choosing to stay in a relationship or marriage that is emotionally, verbally and physically abusive is equal to choosing your emotional, spiritual and as we are seeing more and more these days, physical death. Proverbs 14: 12 says "There is a path before each person that seems right, but it ends in death". God hates divorce is not the only scripture in the bible to attribute to marriage. When the choice is made to remain in a marriage that ultimately kills you, that marriage has undoubtedly become your idol and you get no brownie points in heaven for that.

Question: Has being in a relationship or married taken God's place in your heart? 

If so, that should never be the case because no human being should take God's place in your life. Our anchor scripture tells of how man chooses to exchange the glory due to God alone for idol images of other ordinary people, animals, birds and reptiles. Even though man or people today know God, just as in the scripture, we are choosing not to honor Him and instead give that honor to our relationships, marriages and spouses. When we honor marriage in the way that we should honor our God, we think we are being wise but v22 of the scripture calls us utter fools. As long as we are separated from grace, our hearts become darkened, seeming it wise to make an idol out of a person or something that was created by God Himself. In v24 of this scripture, what ends up happening is that God abandons us to do whatever shameful things our hearts desire.

When God abandons you or I, we start to believe we are wise and the result is doing whatever depraved, vile and wicked things our hearts want to do. That is definitely not any way I want to live my life, to trade God's truth for a lie. In other words and simply put, when we choose idolatry, God abandons us! He has already told us that He will not share His glory with any one (see Isaiah 42:8) but when we choose images and people in His stead, His presence leaves and we do not want that because when God leaves, we are at the mercy of Satan. God Forbid!


Dear Lord, I am grateful for the choice You give me to decide if I want to serve You or man. I make the decision today, here and now to honor You in my life and with my heart. Please forgive me for making my desire for a relationship and/or marriage an idol and allowing that desire to take your place. Turn my heart back towards You Lord. I do not want to be at the mercy of my enemy, Satan or abandoned to do anything outside Your Will. In Jesus' Name. AMEN



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