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Let's be clear. It is God who created this world, gave man his breath along with the power and knowledge to fill the earth and to subdue it. That means the body of wisdom that was required for science and technology to exist comes from God. Furthermore, the innate longing or desire in man to continue acquiring knowledge and understanding of how things work or have their being also comes from God. He is not opposed to His children being curious or inquisitive but you must seek that wisdom from Him and not science (see James 1: 5). It is the perversion that comes from sin that has allowed man idolize or put his trust in science and technology, giving it space to thrive rather than in God.

It is easier for man to believe the claim that we originated or evolved from monkeys because it can be explained as opposed to the notion that a supreme being in the heavens formed man in His image. Simply put, today's culture wants you to reject any idea that has no scientific backing but God is above science and nobody on earth will ever fully be able to grasp His absolute Sovereignty and reign.

Technology is another idol that has replaced God and our love for Him in the lives of many today. Our appetite for more and more ungodly consumption of news, gossip, pleasure and mindless entertainment on our TV screens, smartphones, laptops and every conceivable man made device is rapidly eroding our hunger and thirst for His presence and His Word. I myself am especially guilty of consuming so much reality tv as I've shared multiple times here although my taste for celebrity news and gossip has been greatly reduced and I attribute that to emptying more from that cup and re-filling it with God's Word.

Question: Do You Trust More In Science & Technology Than You Trust In God?

If you trust more in science than you do in God, ask yourself why? When  did you make the choice that God was not as trustworthy as science? And ask the Holy Spirit to give you an open discerning heart so you can learn from the One who created science. You can not trust a product more than its manufacturer can you? If your Apple laptop was to suddenly malfunction and you could not figure out why on your own, you wouldn't wait for the laptop to fix itself correct? You would take it to the Apple store aka the Creators of Apple! In the same way when we struggle with understanding anything, we go to the One who created ALL things for clarity.

Our anchor scripture in V22 says 'anyone who says Jesus is not the Christ is a liar' and calls them 'the anti-Christ' those who deny the Father and the Son. So not only are you practicing idolatry when you believe in science and tech over God, the bible also calls you a liar and the anti-Christ. 

The repercussions of idolatry are pretty severe and I've touched on it a little over the last few days but will dive a little bit deeper into how God typically responds to idol worship and why it is so important and urgent for us to repent quickly. I would hate for idolatry to be the thing that separates us from the Father here on earth and in eternity and neither is it God's desire to see any of His children perish (see 2 Peter 3: 8-11). We have to guard our hearts with all diligence and distance ourselves from the various idols clamoring for yours and my worship. Do not ever believe the enemy for the Bible calls him a liar and a deceiver; trust only in God, the author and finisher of your faith.


Dear Heavenly Father, there are so many idols competing for my heart and worship but those are reserved only for You. Help me to guard my heart with all diligence, to pick up and use my weapons of warfare so I can fight against the idols seeking to bring my soul to destruction. I declare this day that I belong to You and so does my worship. In Jesus' Name, AMEN.



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