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If you aren't yet subscribed to my YouTube Channel then let me encourage you to do so because there you will find videos I have made on recreating styles from influencers using pieces in my closet. The most recent influencer whose styles I recreated is Janae of Highlowluxxe. She is on all social media platforms with the same handle. Her style is crisp. clean, a mix of high and low and very on trend.

I also have videos of me recreating looks from Parke.Avenue (Ashley Parke) and Jennie Jenkins so make sure to check those videos out too.

I have come up with 3 tips you can use when recreating looks you like and they are as follows:

1. Follow the same style, color and silhouette of the look you want to recreate. The idea is not to regurgitate a look verbatim but to mimic either its style pattern, the color family or the overall silhouette of the look. Using the images above as an example, I followed the silhouette of the jumpsuit and the color of the accessories, the color family and detailing of the top and shorts look and the style of the shacket look. You want to recreate a look with what you already have in your closet not going out to buy the exact piece and that means knowing when and where to substitute an item in a look. That is what I did with the denim skirt in place of the cut off shorts. Both have the distressed detail on the hem and that is what I was able to recreate.

2. Using similar pieces in your closet is my 2nd tip to recreating styles you like. For specific pieces like a plaid shirt or jogger pants, the idea is not to copy the exact colors (if you do not own them already) but to use the same fabric or material. I was able to recreate this look from Jennie Jenkins using this tip. Also, not having a white crop top meant I was able to improvise with a tank top instead that I folded inwards to give me the same peek-a-boo mid riff  effect.

3. My 3rd and final tip is to leave room for your own personal touches. I pulled this look from Pinterest and was able to add my own personal touch by opting for a pop of color with my top and bag. My style is more colorful than muted or minimal but because I loved how this look was styled, I was able to recreate it by interpreting it with color to fit my own personal style aesthetic.

Fashion and Style is personal and unique to all of us but the beauty is that we can also pull inspiration from how other fashionable women style their clothes. You never have to break the bank in order to look fashionable, all you need is some basic style pieces, a little bit of inspiration and your own creative juices.😉

Which tip/look was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!!



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