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Hellooooo Everyone!! I'm baaacck!!!

How is everybody's Summer going so far? I know a lot of us are travelling enjoying time with family and loved ones and I hope you are thoroughly having a fabulous time. For those of us who are unable to travel outside the country (or within even), I still hope you are making memories and having fun.

I was in Texas for a while with my family but I'm back to base refreshed and ready to bring you all some nice new content. First things first, I have been promising a final reveal of my bedroom and now that I have gotten my space to about 85% completion, I feel ready to share it. But first, let's look at some of the decor items I bought and how I used them in my space.

 1. A new work chair - I picked up this Room Essentials work chair from Target on clearance for $8. I just had to replace the make shift wooden chair I was using prior to purchasing this because my back was starting to betray me with the pain and discomfort I felt while using it.

This is such a comfy chair and it stores away nicely under the table once I'm done creating content or doing my makeup. Speaking of content, I am back on YouTube but more of that at the end of this post.

2. Decorative Pillows & Pillow Covers - The set of decorative pillows (not pictured) I picked up from Walmart but these fluffy covers are from Amazon that I picked up in this beautiful light grey but come in other gorgeous colors. They do not shed and wash easily on gentle cycle.

3. New Twin Sheets & Foldable Bed Frame -  The decorative pillows go really well with this ocean blue twin sheets I picked up from Walmart for less than $10. It's a light, breathable cotton sheet (with a bit of sheen) that's perfect for these hot Summer months.

Not wanting to bother with a bulky bed frame/head board, I opted for this foldable frame that I also got online from Walmart. It's super easy to set up just as the name implies - simply pull out of the box and unfold. I don't need anything extra for this frame other than my mattress for a comfortable night's sleep. The one down side to this frame is that the mattress does tend to slide but to fix that, I just have it set up against the wall as you can see from the image and I've had no problems with it since.

4. TV/Entertainment Stand -  When looking for a stand for my TV, I knew I wanted something small, easy to set up and affordable. My search took me to Amazon where I found this No Tools 3 Tier Stand from Furrino in the color Espresso Black. It's wide enough to hold my 40" TV comfortably, very sturdy with enough space to display some of my other personal & decor items.

5. Decorative Ceramic Tray - I randomly found this tray while shopping at Target for $3 and I knew it would be perfect for my everyday jewelry pieces. It cracked a little bit on one side from travelling but I love it for its simplicity and functionality.

6. Mainstay Floating Decorative Shelf Set - This was one of the very first items I bought for my bedroom whilst shopping for decor and I have yet to set it up still. It's from Walmart in Black Finish and already know how I intend to decorate it as soon as I'm able to mount it or get someone to do it for me.

7. Mini Acrylic Table Mirror - I bought this obviously for doing my makeup from the 99cent store for less than $5. I love the fact that its Acrylic because it blends with everything else on my table and does not occupy a lot of space.

8. Wall Art -  Last on the list of decor items are these 2 wall art frames I picked up from the 5 Below store for $5 each. They are the perfect mini size that go above my bed. I plan on purchasing an extra 2 or 3 frames for the other end to give a much more cohesive and complete look.

It's always nice to look up at it in the morning and throughout the day for those extra bursts of motivation we all need from time to time.

So this is my final room reveal as promised. I still have a few bits and bobs I'm looking to buy to complete the room but for now, this works perfect and I love how everything came together. It's totally my vibe which is aesthetically pleasing, uncluttered and functional.

As you can see, there are other pieces I did not highlight like my ankara clothes rack, the accent chair that used to be my work chair, my end table and duvet from Better Homes & Gardens.

If you want to see the more detailed video version where I show how I re-arranged this room to what it is now, head over to my re-birthed YouTube Channel to see the before and after. Please subscribe before you leave, like and be sure to share the video as well. I will have new uploads on the channel every Friday and Sunday so make sure your notification bell is activated.

Happy to be back on this space creating content for you all so as always, come along with me as I share all things faith and lifestyle.



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