Saturday, August 27, 2022



Hi Friends, happy to have you back here on the blog for another hopefully interesting weekend read. By the title, I'm sharing why I re-started my YouTube channel and what the journey has been like so far.

I knew I was going to get back on the platform some day but had no actual time frame for when or what exactly my videos would be about. When the year started, it was becoming clear that the re-birth of my  channel would be necessary in order for me to obey the instruction God had given me which was to share His heart and message for women in this season.

It was also another outlet for me to share my love of fashion and style but in my own unique way. Every other Friday on my channel, I recreate looks from influencers whose styles I admire by using pieces I already have in my closet. This is a fun way for me to be creative and expressive with my style while showing other women that looking fashionable and trendy is attainable.

I used to feel like not having the designer brands that these influencers sport meant I could not recreate their style if I was inspired by it but I soon learned that I could take that inspired style and recreate a look for myself that was my aesthetic and that fit my own budget. Now I make these videos hoping to show other women that being inspired by another woman's style is an opportunity to be creative with pieces in their own closets.

So far I have recreated or interpreted the styles of Jennie Jenkins, Ashley Parke ( Parke Avenue) and Jenee of Highlowluxxe. I have been enjoying my creative process more and more because it has been laying dormant for such a long time and I am having fun in the presence of God learning from His Holy Spirit for my Sunday faith videos.

If you are yet to watch any of my videos or have not subscribed to my channel, I am offended (just kidding😜) but seriously, why haven't you? Here is where you can find and subscribe to my channel so please do so after you are done reading this article. My upload schedules are Fridays and Sundays so you have lots to entertain you on your weekend downtime with videos and blog posts every Thursday and Saturday.



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