Thursday, August 25, 2022



Transformation Church started a new series recently with this title and it has been 3 weeks of messages from the pastors in house sharing what they feel like they have been hearing God say to them HERE. Recall if you are part of TC Nation that the phrase for the year is "HERE IS HOLY" and if you have not been following along with the messages from the start of this year, may I encourage you to do so. You can find all videos on Transformation Church's YouTube channel.

Naturally, this series got me thinking about what I felt like I was hearing for myself in this season and the word I got was CONSISTENCY. This also happens to be my word of the month and I know it is a call for me to be and stay consistent in my walk and relationship with God.

I struggle a lot with inconsistency in a few areas of my life and I have noticed that it sometimes affects my time with God either through prayer, study, my quiet time or just in the way I represent Him in the world with my actions and attitude. I have learned that when we ask for God to change our attitude or how we respond to things, He does that not through some magical behavior modification but by putting us in situations and scenarios that require the response or attitude we have prayed for. So when I asked God to make me more consistent with Him and in my life, He led me to a video on YouTube where He had given an instruction to embark on a 30 minute 21 Day Midnight Time Of Praise time with Him. I saw the video 2 days after the instruction had gone out and the hostess said whenever we came upon the video was when we were to begin. So my request to be more consistent was answered with an opportunity to praise for 30 minutes at midnight for the next 21 Days!! How Awesome is our God that He would answer my prayer so quickly. More so, that He would give me confirmation of my word for August.

So when it comes to what I'm hearing here, I know that being and staying consistent is what God wants for me to do; not just for this month or the rest of the year but for always.

Do you know what you are hearing here? What is or has God been saying to you here? It's important that we know so we are not walking in disobedience or stubbornness and so that God can continue the work of transformation in us.



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